Department/Navigation Menus in Business Central

Hi Readers,

Today I was working on Business Central Wave 2 Preview and have seen an awesome feature in Web Client and would like to share with you.

In business central wave 2 we can able to see the Department/navigation menus similar to windows client (RTC), I would like to say thanks to Microsoft developers for their efforts.

To see the Department/navigation menus follow the below procedures.


  • Open the Web Client and click on “Explore all business features for my role in Business Central” button as shown in below screenshot.

role in Business Central

  • “My Business Central” page will open with all Navigation menus that are associated with your Role Center as shown in below screenshot.

My Business Central

  • Click on Explore all button as shown in upper screenshot.
  • Now the Departments menu will display as shown in below screenshot.
  • Note: This page is in preview and subject to change in a coming update.

business Central wave 2


In our next blog, I will show you how to customize the existing Department/Navigation menus.

For today that’s it, Thank you for reading.
Feel free to share your opinions in below comment box.

Author Binesh Kumar Singh