How to Develop Business Chart in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

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In this blog, I’m going to discuss Business Chart in MS Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Business charts are based on Business Chart control add-in which is provided by the Microsoft.Dynamics.Nav.Client.BusinessChart.dll assembly.
Compared to the generic chart in Business Central has more functionality like:

  • Analyze the complex data that is calculated on a page.
  • Users can filter the data in run time and they can view the actual data using Drill Down.

In my demo I’m going to develop a business chart for Job Table based on the custom field called “Project Status” (it has the option, Planning, In Process, Open, Completed, On Hold).
Note: You can substitute this field with the standard field “Status” also.

To achieve this we have to develop a Business Chart page and Business Chart Management codeunit.
Once the required objects are ready then we have to extend the Job List page to show the Chart in FactBox.

Step 1: Develop the Business chart Page as shown below screenshot.

Note: Actions I have to describe in the next blog, actions are used for filtering the data in run time.

Save the Page, and then create a codeunit for managing the chart.

Step 2: Develop the Business Chart Management codeunit for managing the business chart.

Step 3: Add the Business Chart page in Job List Page under FactBox as shown below.

For today that’s it, Thank you for reading.
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Author Binesh Kumar Singh