Distribution Master Logistics

Master your warehouse logistics for improved efficiency


  • Reduce pick times for faster order fulfillment
  • Improve picker productivity
  • Reduce pick error
  • Improve ergonomics and safety
  • Reduce capital operating costs

Cross-dock to save steps and ensure on-time deliveries
Bypass the put-away process in VLC inventory speed and throughput. Warehouse Management & Distribution always you to talk advantage of both External and internal cross-docking. You can cross-dock receiving directly to outbound shipment, as well as externally cross-dock pallets or sales order for direct shipment to a store or to external end customers even before you receive the goods. Cartons and pallets can be cross-docked to multiple sources.

Automate your receiving process
Create efficient routing Partner to reduce the time and effort needed to receive and put away inventory. Warehouse Management and Distribution supports a fully automated real-time receiving process, using bar-coding to give each carton a unique. "License plate." conveyor system can report back received cartons, physical dimensions, and weight.

Manage quality control
Maintain complete status records, including images, to monitor quality control issues. Automated real-time updates to sales and purchase orders ensure information follow seamlessly across the supply chain. Monitor vendor deliveries and report statistics, quarantine items until they pass inspection, or record deviations and alert purchasers when way occurs.

Simplify reverse logistics-customer returns
Warehouse Management & Distribution can help you easily record customer returns, keep track of warranty information, and issue new items to customers. You can also integrate your customer return systems with Microsoft Dynamics service, repair, and support solutions.

Automate pick and pack procedures with barcode systems
By taking advantage of RF-based barcoding technology and seamless integration with order management Warehouse Management & Distribution tightly orchestrates packing and packing within your warehouse, maximize staff productivity, and facilitates quick order fulfillment. Both Telnet-based units and units supporting RPD/Terminal services are supported.

Simplify worked routines with touch-screen systems
VLC order accuracy and eliminate errors related to paper-based procedures. All picking lists can be picked directly from PDA or forklift screens by scanning barcodes and touch-sensitive screens.

Optimize slotting and location planning
Maximize productivity and minimize travel time from location to location by determining the optimal arrangement of SKUs within a range of pick faces or slot. Minimize distribution that results from demand variability by adjusting product placement according to seasonal fluctuations and changes in customers order patterns.

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