Privacy Policy

Personally Identifiable Information
This privacy policy has been compiled to better serve those concerned with how their 'Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is being used online. As used in US privacy law and information security, PII is information that can be used on its own or with other information to identify, contact, or locate a single person, or to identify an individual in context. Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we (VLC Solutions) collect, use, protect, or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information under our website.

Privacy Policy Application
This privacy policy applies to the personally identifiable information collected by 'VLC Solutions' from our users who visit our site, access our website services, and the publicly available resources like our community forums, webpages, blogs, etc. Our Privacy Policy does not apply to the following:
  • Services provided by Third-Parties Third parties associated with us like our partners, or websites, services, and products provided by other operators and their activities shall not be covered within the purview of this privacy policy, and the third-party policies itself shall govern your activities on utilizing those services.
  • User Information This privacy policy also does not apply to the personally identifiable information collected by our customers for the usage of VLC Solutions' products or services. Our customers are free to use their collected data in a fashion pertinent to their privacy policies. If you have any concerns regarding the data used with VLC Solutions' products or services, feel free to approach our customers' (that particular customer) administrator.

Personal Information Collected
This information constitutes the data that you provide us directly through your use of our Website, Blogs, Products, Services, etc. and the data provided to us by third-party associations or via publicly accessible platforms.
  • Basic Information Necessary information of a user like a name, contact, email address, internet service provider that you use, the organization you work in, employment functions and levels, and/or information in online forms, inquiries, and online registrations, etc.
  • Employment Information Our careers page holds a diverse panel of required positions, and if you aspire to join us and fill out the job application, the data contained in your curriculum vitae is collected and stored by us. Furthermore, you may go ahead and submit to us your various social media account links (like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.).
  • Invoice Data Your payment priorities and billing address shall be collected by us if you purchase any of our products, services, or training. Payments made via credit cards get submitted to our payment processors (credit card information like CVV, expiry date, etc.). Nevertheless, we do not store credit card information.

Personal Information Collected when VLC Solutions' Websites, Blogs, or Products are accessed
  • Data on Product Usage We gather amassed data on the usage of our products and services, applications, websites, devices used to access our services, files attached, and their number, etc. This data is exclusive of any customer's personal information.
  • Log and Device Data This includes the data about how our sites are being accessed, the browser type being used to access our services. We also collect information for the IP address of the device in use, the details of the ISP (Internet Service Provider), browser settings, and preferences of date, time, and language.

    In case our site is accessed using a mobile device, the details like the mobile model, brand, network data, its operating system type and version, settings of the device, browser, resolution, etc. are all collected to the extent of accepted standards.

  • Data pertaining to Cookies and Tracking Cookies simply defined are little pieces of data that are used to identify a user's computer when they access a website using a particular web network. These include simple identification details like username and password to those of specific HTTP cookies.

    These cookies aid in monitoring user movement on the site and how different sections of the site are being accessed by them. These cookies further assist the site host to develop user-centric site interfaces to produce a better user experience. You can always modify or delete our usage of cookies.

Personal Information Pertinent to Publicly-Available Resources and Third-Parties
  • Data Service Providers We partner with third-party data service providers, from whom we collect information relating to the information of business contacts and contact lists. This is done only when such third-party data providers agree to abide by the applicable law and compliance norms.
  • VLC Solutions Partners Information provided by you to our channel partners, associates, and resellers to ensure your requirements are fulfilled in terms of our products and services.
  • Social Networks We may also collect the data that is made publicly available by you on various social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

Our use of your Personal Information
The following are our purposes for which we use your personal information:
  • Marketing and Sales Your personal information may be used by us to notify you about our products and services like updated and new features, promotions and offers, events and contests, blogs and newsletters, etc. This data is also relevant to us for improving your usage of the site, enhancement of services, and designing future marketing and sales strategy.
  • Execution of your Demands We make use of your data to realize your demands of organizing necessary webinars, downloading materials like catalogues, e-books, brochures, whitepapers, product details, courses, events, to conduct payment procedures, etc.
  • Career requests Our website hosts a career services page that lets you apply for potential vacancies in our organization. Your personal information can be used to process such job applications as well.
  • Products and Services We create individual accounts for our users and also verify their identities using the personal information provided to us. The verification thus made, lets our users have access to VLC's updated versions of products and features, technical assistance, security notifications, scheduled site administration, etc.

    It also aids in developing a process through which we can monitor our customers' VLC product subscription and keep them attuned from time to time, via emails and pre-installed app updates.

    This process lets us have a 360-degree view of how we can boost our services and make the research and development necessary to refurbish potential aspects of our business to cater to your evolving needs.
  • Community Forums We provide access to our various community forums utilizing your data. The following are the points to make a note of herewith:
    • The name of the user, organization, profile, etc. are all publicly viewable in our community forums.
    • Your user profile and the content shared thereof shall be publicly visible.
    • Your profile may be searched by members of other community forums.

Data Privacy Rights
As a website visitor, you are entitled to several rights under applicable data privacy laws that may include the General Data Protection Regulation, New York Privacy Act, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. Owing to the fact as to where you are based, these rights can cover the right to:
  • Apply for access or copies of your personal information in VLC's processes.
  • Revise and correct inaccurate personal information
  • Remove your personal information
  • Restrain the processing of your personal information
  • Define the mobility and transfer of your personal information
  • File grievances with responsible authorities in your country.
  • Apply for a list of the names and addresses of any likely receivers of your personal information.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism
  • Whenever you feel that your personal data has was used in any way that is in contravention to this Policy, we encourage you to reach out to VLC Solutions Contact us page. We shall ensure that we take all the steps necessary to solve your complaints promptly and accurately.

Legal Framework - GDPR
Data about the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the legal way to collect your information is through getting your consent, or our valid and legitimate concerns (which do not conflict with your data protection), like our product enhancements and understanding, improving our business operations, maintenance of customer communication chains, procuring feedback, marketing-related interests, event hosting, refining our website interface and content, and general up-gradation and maintenance of our legal priorities.

You are free to withdraw your consent for those aspects where your concern is a primary necessity for data collection. In cases of our legitimate concerns and interests, you possess the right to object to your data collection. For more information on this, and to clarify further queries, feel free to Contact us as mentioned at the end of this policy.

How your Personal Information is Shared
VLC Solutions does not share personal information with third parties. We disclose your personal information only in the backdrop of the following:
  • Commercial Transactions VLC Solutions employs documents and agreements of non-disclosure and confidentiality when we share your personal information with a third party in scenarios of company assets sale, mergers, and associations, acquisition and investment, etc.
  • Regulations and Law Compliance We may divulge your data to third-party companies in cases where it is legally obligatory such as on account of a court order, to comply with contemporary laws, government orders and requests, or other quasi-federal instructions to aid and be of service to an investigation.

    Your information may also be disclosed by us to fulfil the purposes of enforcement of our legal rights, parameters of security, or in the event of an emergency to ward off potential harm. During such a scenario, we shall ensure to the maximum possible extent to keep you posted on what personal information of yours is being disclosed and why.

  • Dealers and Service Providers VLC Solutions may disclose your personal information to third parties partnered with us to make available our products and services and to conduct our business operations.

    The purposes include website hosting and evaluation, customer relationship management, events and contests, subsequent registration, email, marketing campaigns, processing of payments, job alerts and applications, cloud-based information storage and retention, and other parties and companies work for us on our behalf.

    We ensure that your privacy is protected and that the third parties are compliant with data protection and with appropriate safety measures before sharing your personal information with them.

Storage and Retention of your Personal Information
  • Employment Information Your data about job applications are retained for review purposes and future job openings, according to legal bindings.
  • User Account Information This information is stored for a period so long as you keep your account active. In the event of the deactivation of your account, the information is still retained to cater to future reactivations, if any. Also, user account information is retained to meet our legal obligations, customer relationship management, or other dispute resolution. We ensure not to store any data on your credit cards.
  • Contact Information for Marketing Purposes You have the choice to opt-out of our marketing emails and messages. We do hold the right to retain this information to keep you posted on new updates, notifications, and features of our products and services, only after procuring your initial consent.

    You may unsubscribe to this and future email communications at any point in time by simply utilizing the unsubscribe option that comes with every email.

  • Log and Device Information Data pertinent to your usage of our website and other related services shall stay with us for three (3) years.

    You may always get your personal information removed or deleted from our logs by merely Contacting us.

Information-Security & Shared Responsibility
VLC Solutions deploys stringent and resilient procedures, standardized processes, and access controls to protect your personal information from potential abuse, misuse, threat, and disclosure. We use Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to secure our domains and networks from external threats while electronic communication between your browsers and our servers.

Nevertheless, the responsibility of protecting your personal information is a two-way street, and we would appreciate it if you could pursue some parameters like regular changing of passwords, maintenance of confidentiality of username and passwords, etc.

Furthermore, VLC Solutions shall ensure that affected parties get updates of personal data misuse or threat with congruity to the applicable laws and regulations.

International Transfers
Your personal information may also be transmitted beyond boundaries and can be processed in Canada, the United States, and India.

We ensure that your privacy is well safeguarded before such transmission. Security parameters and other legal specifications are put in place to render your personal information completely safe and secure.

User Privileges and Rights
Individual rights and privileges are made available to users like you w.r.t your personal information. Please read further to learn more about this:
  • Consent Withdrawal Wherever your content is required to process your requests, you have the option to withhold it if you wish so or can get undo your consent by contacting us. Additionally, there is a choice for you to "opt-out" or "unsubscribe" in every marketing email of ours, which you can use to quit getting updates from our end.

    Modifying your account settings can further lead you to customize your preferences of what content you would like to receive from us in the future or by simply mailing us asking for the same.

    You will receive alerts of a non-promotional type after unsubscribing, such as maintenance and security alerts, product subscription, legal notifications, updates, etc.

  • Flexibility and Access You possess the right to request your personal information recorded by us. In addition to this, you may also file a request with us to receive this information in an organized and electronic format to share it with a third party (with a scope of applicability and feasibility).

    We may not be able to divulge your information sometimes if it conflicts with the personal information of any other person or if it is inherently confidential or if such information leads us to make a compromise on our security standards. In case you need access to your information, you may always Contact us. You will receive a response on it from us within thirty (30) days, with a fee charged as applicable by law.

  • Updating, Rectification, and Deletion VLC Solutions ensure that the personal information being recorded is authentic, accurate, and updated. You are always free to make changes to your information by simply logging into your account and modifying whatever necessary.

    You can also rectify, update or delete your personal information by contacting our Customer Support Centre at 224-955-1818. Feel free to get in touch with your firm's administrator in case you wish to deactivate your product account with us.

  • Objection and Restriction In particular cases of the personal information of the EU members, we are obliged to restrict our usage of their data if they object to it based on legal parameters.

    In such cases, our usage of their information shall be restricted. But such situations also call for restricted availability of VLC's certain products and services. You may contact us if you are one such individual and wish to object to our data garnering.

  • Grievances and Complaints You may avail your right to file a complaint or state a grievance to the authorized agency (i.e., independent sovereign authority supervising data protection laws in your country).

Contact Us

VLC Solutions LLC,
224-955-1818 (Monday to Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Central Standard Time).

Updates on Privacy
We hereby inform you that we might update this policy every once in a while. All such updates shall be posted in this section of our website. In addition, if the update is critical and may substantially modify our data privacy rules and systems, we will ensure that we inform you via other media, such as email.

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