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A single, resilient, comprehensive solution for an all-encompassing business strategy.

Rationalize your business procedures, make bolder choices, and expedite business growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central a thorough going business governance solution devised for businesses of small to medium sizes including Government Contractors.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from Microsoft.

VLC Solutions is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Business Solutions Provider in Chicago IL providing Implementation, Support, Training and Support for Manufacturing, Distribution and E-Commerce Companies, we do perform solution Upgrades from systems like SL, NAV, CRM, QuickBooks, NetSuite and Job Boss to Business Central.

Developed to be customized to suit your unique needs

Extending widespread and profound industry efficacy, Dynamics 365 Business Central is an eclectic, customizable grandstand that helps advance business potency. We at VLC Solutions provide supplementary business solutions personalized to distinct enterprises.

No matter what your core area is, Dynamics 365 Business Central accommodates smoothened business proliferation.

A Singular Solution to Drive Your Whole Business
Choose mobility

Choose Mobility

Business Central comes with a mobile variant that backs both the cloud and on- premises users with a uniform experience over iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

Opt for On-Premises or The Cloud

Business Central works where you require it, allowing the corresponding user experience irrespective of the way it is deployed.

Opt for on-premises or the cloud
Data storage and transfer

Data Storage and Transfer

Facilitate data storage and transfer across your systems. Aid in your data protection from unapproved access by the automatic virtue of Microsoft datacenter encryption.


Meet Compliance requirements with a narrowed down focus to let your business stay updated on robust vendor management, cybersecurity support, risk assessment, and compliance standards. Get assisted in developing high-end strategies to suit your compliance needs, adapting to the dynamic landscape of regulatory compliance norms.


Eliminate Limitations of Language

To help boost your productivity and seamlessness, Microsoft Business Central is compatible with the world's 25 most popular languages.

Overarching upon a broad spectrum from Finance, Sales, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Production Scheduling and Manufacturing to Shipping and Receiving, Service Enhancement, Data Analysis, and Projections with smart AI are all cohesively packed and form an integral part of Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Supply Chain Management
Supplier Engagement

Supplier Engagement

Engage and involve your suppliers in a price-sensitive and upbeat manner. Get suitably potential suppliers registered, extend inquiries, and transform the right offers into purchase orders. Parameterize the expected approvers to secure better compliance with domestic and foreign regulations.

Holistic Inventory Management

Get a 360-degree comprehensive view of your inventories and apply the similar costing methods for various inventory items. Smoothly move stock items among locations, and regulate the available quantity utilizing cycling counting.

Holistic inventory management
Estimating the most desirable time for stock replacement

Estimating the Most Desirable Time for Stock Replacement

Business Central lets you predict the right time to refill your stock with innate intelligence. Utilize sales forecasts and anticipated overstocks for an automatic generation of purchase orders.

System-Generated Recommendations

Utilize the suggestions automatized by the system to restock inventory in accordance with the real and estimated demand and availability.

Sales and Service Enhancement
Establish lead priorities contingent on revenue potential

Establish Lead Priorities Contingent on Revenue Potential

Monitor customer synergies and take direction on the fittest sell-up, cross-sell, and renewal possibilities all through your sales cycle.

Customer Need's Supervision and Revenue Rationalization

Assess and address your consumer' requirements with easy and feasible pricing and discount arrangements for specific customers and customer groups.

Customer needs' supervision and revenue rationalization
Agreement Overview

Agreement Overview

Maintain a holistic overview of agreements with purchase orders and blanket sales order procedures. Instantly furnish customers specifications about costs, discounts, delivery dates, stock availability, and fulfillment status.

Address Customer Returns

Keep track of and address customer returns using sales return order management, which also includes credit notes, overhauls, or replacements.

Budget-Triendly, Targeted, and Time-Bound Service Selivery
Design, control, and track customer plans

Design, Control, and Track Customer Plans

Holistically manage customer plans by making use of time schedules and exceptional job costing and reporting capacities. Generate and revise budgets to guarantee project profitability.

Resource Level Management

Manage resource levels by mapping capability and sales. Inspect customer invoices upon the planned or real costs on orders and quotes.

Resource level management

Effective Decision Making

Make persuasive and productive decisions with the help of contemporary insights on project status, profitableness, and data metrics on resource utilization.

Efficient Warehouse Management
Storage Facility Optimization

Storage Facility Optimization

Streamline your storage facilities by arranging for bins and zones in Business Central to speculate the layout of your warehouse and its shelves, holders, and racks.

Reception and Storage Optimization

Receive and store data using a custom prototype to conclude the most suitable arrangement of items according to their type, size, and bin capacity.

Reception and Storage Optimization
Recommended stock-item movement

Recommended Stock-Item Movement

Get recommendations to streamline the range and the gathering method. Accelerate shipments and minimize conflict caused by cross-docking.

Monitoring Real-Time Data Usage

Supervise the data usage on each stock item's zone, bin, and quantity to satisfy your customers' bookings better and in real-time.

Monitoring Real-time data usage

Optimal Output Achievement
Conduct production amidst your capacity and supply limitations

Conduct Production Amidst your Capacity and Supply Limitations

Execute your manufacturing process following an accorded scheme, in both flexible and complex conditions.

Define a Saleable List of Stock Items

Devise a coherent checklist of raw materials, subassemblies, or secondary resources in the form of a bill of elements that constitutes a finished stock or a similar kit.

Define a saleable list of stock items
Employ assembly orders to restock items

Employ Assembly Orders to Restock Items

Take note of customers' specific wants in a bill of elements, and utilize it instantly from the sales quote and sales order line in your assembly-to-order processes.

Availing Production Orders

Use orders of production for more elaborate processes. Record utilization and output levels, and handle recurring bills of elements and routes. Regulate scrap and aberrations in consumption and output.

Accomplishment of Service Assurances
Comprehensive summary

Comprehensive Summary

Obtain an extensive synopsis of your service duties and tasks at hand to appoint personnel to live up to work orders efficiently. Monitor service agreements to render competent service to your consumers.

Streamlined Shift

Enable a smooth shift from sales to after-sales by instantaneously recording shipped goods in the form of service items. Maintain the necessary details at a single, optimized place.

Streamlined shift
Management of after-sales concerns

Management of After-Sales Concerns

Safely manage issues concerning after-sales adjustments, whether they need a complete replacement or a simplistic reconstruction.

Monitoring Repair Particulars

Maintain track of repair and overhaul specifications, which include used service stock items, spare parts, and labor prices, in one service order. Promote customer loyalty by presenting spare material to them while their original material is under overhaul stages.

Monitoring repair particulars


Ask the Right Questions

Ensure to ask potential vendors these critical questions when considering a cloud-based decision.
Migrating From GP to dynamics 365 business central

Migrating From GP to Dynamics 365 Business Central

Scaling up to the latest ERP solution is now a lot simpler under VLC's requisite guidance.
Empower your Organization in the Cloud

Empower your Organization in the Cloud

Microsoft's modern cloud-based ERP, it helps Organizations connect their Financial, Sales, Purchasing, etc..
Accurate Business Decision

Accurate Business Decision

Transforming data into actionable insights lets administrators and employees gain a complete historical etc..

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