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Application Managed Services - Microsoft Managed Application Services

Any project is never really finished when you execute applications or any business management solution. The reason behind this is the consistent evolution in the landscape of business and technology. Therefore, you need more than pause-repair software support to stay flexible and relevant. Furthermore, you need a reliable advisor who can usher you to constantly improve.

VLC is a Microsoft Partner and cloud solutions company, our Managed Application Services can fully aid and assist your Microsoft infrastructure, Modern workplace solutions along with the whole Microsoft Dynamics 365 application framework with:

  • Streamlined maintenance and aid.
  • A stable and secure recurring payment.
  • Calibrated assistance.
  • Uniformity and consistency of the project squad.

Our managed application services team will lead you from day one of your project and remain by your side as part of our application services. Along with our client advisor, we also hold a whole team of industry experts and know-how counselors to help crack your hard-hitting tasks.

We spend a considerable amount of time comprehending your unique business requirements and join forces with you to offer the dead-on way out for your business. Irrespective of your business size, we ensure a plan to fulfill your requests, so you can emphasize your business.

People & Procedures
We offer enhanced visibility and interactions with our clients to help them identify areas for improvement.

Client Affiliation
Our managed application services help build precise and perfect ranges of work, schedules, and desired benefits for their manufacturing businesses.

Change Comeback
Business with us is highly agile and flexible, so clients are satisfied with the outcome, procedures, and expected benefits.

Highly Functional Software Applications
We help you implement highly workable and practical applications that let the customer rest leisurely with conviction in the finished creation.

Managed application services with VLC equip you with many benefits:
  • Domain skill and wide-ranging application product acquaintance together with rich Microsoft technology expertise.
  • Deploying the far-reaching VLC business to render something more than just an ERP platform.
  • Facilitation of e-learning, consultative conferences, and workshops.
  • An out-and-out realization team with a client consultant, technical guide, functional counselor, and industry club.

In-depth industry-centric expertise
VLC associates with customers across a vast space of segments and sectors. We hold pride in our all-encompassing, significant experience in your industry and exert the technical abilities mandatory to satisfy domain-specific tasks and goals.

Upgrade Services

Upgrade infrastructure, finetune solutions, and produce quick technical deployments with affordable solutions.

Simple and convenient up-gradation solutions to percolate seamlessness into your business.

As software and hardware in a business age out or when business systems evolve over time, the capacity to effortlessly conduct business gets loaded. Further, there are added costs of the time put in and the funds expended on getting the equipment back to the normal speed.

Access to a glitch-free technological milieu, budding innovation and thoughts, is fairly critical to a subsequent thriving advantage to contend with the industry's best. We at VLC Solutions, enable your business to make the maximum of your infrastructure by vouch for opportune overhauls, driving strict up-gradation of your systems apparatus without producing any constraints to your day-to-day workflows.

User Experience

A valuable user experience hosts trust, potential, and a reliable gauge to growth.

Assuring your users are well-updated, informed, and keenly involved in all your processes.

Well-structured services are sure to beget contented end-users. VLC professionals engineer premier solutions to muster an elegantly-designed and obstacle-free utility of services. We work to promote ease of use & operation and set in motion a world-class user experience.
This will be enabled through periodic assessments and surveys, evaluating our customers' necessities of training conduction. VLC Solutions offers cost-efficient training events and a versatile learning medium to let our customers acquire the right dexterity and skill to use and get better acquainted with systems and solutions.

Integration and Development Services

Blend, integrate and develop customized solutions suiting your unique business needs.

Streamlined collaboration furnishing high-end result delivery.

When a business has distinctive operations that form a competitive advantage, personalized software building can help them tailor its software to suit its business. Right from assessing your prerequisites to backing up your custom application, VLC can be your trusted ally all along the way.

At VLC Solutions, we work with our clients in tandem to produce hybrid variations of our services to match the unique levels of the customers’ daily work needs.
VLC application development and integration experts support you with:
  • System integration - Restructure business developments by lowering redundancy and programming application and agreement procedures.
  • Amendments or Personalization - Adapt your system to enhance user acceptance, prolong functionality, and upsurge ROI.
  • Smart App Building - Create business-interactive and efficient applications to intensify customer engagement.
  • Web and portal development - Craft a web portal to give and take data, automate application processes, or expedite self-help.

VLC Solutions can help you re-invent your whole business without any technology confines. Our pioneering yet practical style of software building embraces every phase of scheduling, documentation, testing, and coding. We offer custom applications that guarantee both ease of use and upkeep.

Acquire total value from your application by operating with proficient consultants from VLC solutions. Our team guarantees the awareness necessary to convey a makeover of people, procedures, and expertise. We can be a partner who can benefit you at every point of technology assortment, utilization, rationalization, and preservation.

Managed IT Security Services

At VLC Solutions, one of the best flourishing IT Management enterprises assisting customers in the nation, we offer highly professional services in technology, business administration, and the evolution and expansion of core infrastructure to diverse businesses on a subscription-based business model. We furnish a collaborative form of technology blended with business control to produce cost-efficient outcomes, bigger value for investment, and true customer satisfaction.

Managed IT Security Services

Cloud Services

Intensify your digital business transformation with VLC Solutions' smart cloud solutions that aid you in seamless operations across the cloud. Capitalize on the effective integration of brand-new technologies available on the cloud. Our specialists can assist you in building value for your company by conceiving security-intensive cloud solutions which inspire versatility in business control, ease of service, and a decent consistency in supervising the overall enterprise.

Cloud Services

VLC Solutions realizes that risk management and compliance take the company to next level can be a strain on businesses. A constantly evolving regulatory landscape makes it challenging for companies to maintain pace. The different compliance standards that we essentially dispense are CMMC (Self Assessments and Preparedness), FISMA/NIST 800-53, HIPAA Security Standards, ISO27001:2013 and Moving towards ISO 27002, MARS-E Security Standards, New York Cybersecurity (23NYCRR 500), Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS) and more…

Compliance Services

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