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The VLC Consulting and Technical Services teams offer industry-specific services and solutions that could really help you use your systems and solutions to their full potential. We help you along the way to success with everything from installations to consulting and Assessments to help enable high performance and best practices.

Assess the services you require for the expansion of your business.

Audits of Transformation:
Our VLC Transformation Audits scrutiny will be very beneficial to your company as our professionals will perform a 360-degree analysis of your company's operations to identify areas for improvement.
  • Essentials: Your consultant can audit fifteen important areas of your business with the Essentials package. The service includes a remote meeting with your consultant to go over the audit's results and create an action plan that will match up your company with our suggestions.
  • Premium: The services included in the Essentials package are also included in the Premium package, along with ten hours of virtual consulting to assist you in putting our guidelines into practice.
  • Comprehensive: The services offered with the Essentials package are also included in the Comprehensive package, along with two (2) days of onsite consulting to assist your staff put the action strategy into motion.

VLC - Virtual Administrator:
To aid you in optimizing your business and learning how to utilize your business technologies and services, Virtual Administrator provides customized packages. It consists of staff training, remote setup guidance, and monthly meetings.

Onsite and Remote Advisory Services:
To ensure that you obtain maximum benefit from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central System, our professionals will collaborate with you and your team. We'll give you the information, experience, and direction you need to successfully implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in your company.
  • Online Consulting: Using video conferencing tools, VLC Remote Consulting enables our consultants to collaborate with you and your team remotely. To maximize your experiential learning, we make it simple to communicate with you by offering you screen sharing and audio conferencing. We provide ongoing consulting support for customers who are already utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Put in place a scoping call with one of our consultants by contacting your account manager, who will then estimate the number of hours needed to meet your goals.
  • In-Person Consulting: With onsite consultancy services, a consultant will travel to your location to give you hands-on ERP instruction and guidance on how to use the program effectively. This product is excellent for educating numerous resources and promoting widespread adoption. A pre-visit, during-visit, and post-visit action plan will be developed in collaboration with you.

Development & Data:
Development & Data VLC Technical Development services are to assist you with data migration into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, database integration, and the creation of unique reports and invoice templates. As required, additional integration services will also be provided.
  • Develop Power BI Dashboard: Do you want your data to be displayed graphically? Do you want to highlight your KPIs and processes? You can use dashboards made by our consultants to better visualize your data!
  • Manage the Development of Reports: Need a unique report created? Do you require a modification or alteration to an existing report? Describe your needs with one of our report developers, then take a seat and let us create that unique report for you!
  • Personalized Data Migrations: We are aware that not every client is the same, so our simplified data migrations might not be appropriate for your requirements. Defining your needs with one of our technical employees will help us create a tailored migration that satisfies your specifications.
  • Regular Migrations: Our Standard Migrations are pre-packaged solutions with the most frequently requested data that are intended to meet the requirements of the majority of customers.
  • Report Writer Instruction: You can learn how to create your own reports in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with the help of the VLC Report Writer Training, which is a one-on-one training session. In a 4-hour training session, our report designer will make a demonstration using the built-in reporting tool and address any concerns you might have.

Engineering of Systems:
To help you transition your Legacy ecosystem to a new application On-Premise or cloud, VLC Systems Engineering offers a range of services. Reinstalls, upgrades, and conversions are all included. Our specialized team can help if your necessities are more complicated. To get off the ground, get in touch with your account manager to schedule a free scoping call.
  • Services for Migration: Are you going to migrate from another system and are seeking a consultant's help to relocate and set up things? To schedule a scoping call, get in touch with your account manager. Your needs will be discussed, and a consultant will decide how much work will be required to reach your objectives.
  • Database Copies: In addition to the uploaded documents, our system engineers will provide a copy of your database or Sandbox.
  • Control Conversions: Do you want to switch from an on-premises server to a cloud service or the other way around? Our engineering team has experience with these conversions and regularly performs them. Make this shift as painless as possible with our assistance.
  • Reinstalls: We are aware that customers occasionally require reinstallation of their Manage instance. Our team is available to assist you if this is planned or if you are dealing with an emergency for a variety of reasons.
  • Upgrades: Have you stopped providing updates? Do you require assistance to make sure the upgrade is successful? Do you require the newest features but want an expert engineer to help you expedite the process? You can hand over control and then let our professionals finish the upgrade.
  • Data Migrations Using SQL: SQL data migration can be challenging. Our system engineers can help if you need a specialist who is familiar with the Manage architecture to accomplish a migration of your SQL data to a fresh server installation.
  • Sandbox: Do you require an older version of your data for diagnostics or archival needs? To your premise Manage installation, our professionals can add a single-user, non-production instance.
  • Database Reinstation: Our database restore service gives your reinstall a high priority in order to get you back online as soon as possible. With a straightforward server configuration, this facility will reinstate your database.

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