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Modern Workplace: Emboldening Employees

Today, it is evident that the work nature has drastically changed. Employees anticipate working remotely, with multi-device compatibility, and they give a lot of significance to work that enhances their potential, thereby offering job satisfaction. This can happen when smart performance tools equip their potential manifesting in greater quality and effectiveness of their experience. Like this, they are more content, more worthy, and more likely to remain consistently associated with your company. Businesses must offer that kind of employee empowerment while also carefully protecting critical IT infrastructure.

With VLC and Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions, your clients can vastly augment worker productivity and well-being to build easy-flowing communication and interaction across diverse geo-regions and platforms while preserving data safety and system integrity.

Formulating a Modern Workplace

The modern workplace emerges quickly, with dispersed teams, amazing-new business paradigms, and elaborate security concerns. The apt digital agents connect and encourage employees to promote performance, commitment, and collaboration irrespective of their locations. Microsoft 365 warrants a worldwide, modern workplace with a beneficial bunch of products:

  • An innovative, dynamic operating system
  • Purpose-centric business-grade security devices
  • Streamlined and connected workplace performance apps

Centralized Endpoint Control

Support your customers in adopting Microsoft 365 to intensify their workplace productivity while sustaining security mechanisms.

Smart Endpoint Safeguarding
Ensure that clients' companies are shielded from advanced threats with intelligent infrastructure, simple deployment and administration. Support customers to invigorate the onboarding process with a streamlined deployment reality.

Updated Technology
Provide customers with the most advanced endpoint management software functionality with in-product help and guidance.

Dynamic Insights
Capture ahead-of-the-curve insights that serve clients in overcoming huge costs.


Present solutions to assist clients in defending crucial data, safeguarding against security hazards, and managing access with complete control. Gain all that you require to grow and merchandise the overall security solutions that clients are looking for.

Identity Access Administration
Help customers in preserving and safeguarding users' identities and controlling access to essential resources based on user risk level.

Protect and Control Identity
With Microsoft 365, you can support customers to guard identities and dynamically block endangered identities from being misused.

Identify and React To Identity-Centric Menaces
You can use relevant Microsoft 365 tools to support the business clients operate cloud activities more safely.

Defend Against Password Infringements
Microsoft can help clients substitute passwords with secure and robust two-factor authentication and better shield credentials against steadfast threats.

Data Protection

Ensure that documents and emails are accessed only by authorized personnel and users.

Handle Cloud Usage
Contemporary companies need the protection of on-premises systems for cloud applications too.

Defend Against Data Leakage
Businesses require authority over access to data, no matter its location or who it is being shared with.

Guard Against Malware and Phishing Threats
Latest malware menaces appear daily, generating a shortage of robust protection of your customers' data against distinct, complex attacks. Bridge this gap effectively and ensure seamless data protection.

Confidently Counter Security Events
Microsoft 365 tools help you streamline and catalyze paper reviews and enhance compliance with data maintenance policies.

Threat Security

Protect against the seasoned and new types of threats and recoil swiftly when faced with an attack.

Risk Assessment
Implement a security assessment review to understand security risks better, form strategies, and intend for advancement.

Guide Mobile Productivity
Procure safe access to the cloud serving to shield data on uncontrolled devices.

Defend Communication
Present zero-day security to better guard against undiscovered malware and viruses.

Discover and Respond To Dubious Activity
Deploy artificial intelligence and machine learning to classify high-risk events and react speedily to restrain advances before disaster befalls.

Defend, Detect and React To Superior Threats
Utilize artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other methods to check strong attacks, distinguish high-risk action and respond expeditiously to check episodes before loss transpires.

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