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Organizations that use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in the cloud mostly rely on apps, one of the soundest methods to boost the solution's functionality. Here, we have summarized an app's essentials, how it functions, and how you can get initiated.

An App: The Fundamentals
Applications are basically containers of unique functionality for Business Central. Microsoft AppSource is the store from which Microsoft presents its applications. One can quickly locate the app that serves their necessity and install it straight into their Business Central.

In the case of the need for unique business process improvement customizations, most on-prem Microsoft ERP solution versions call for a code change or code improvement. On the other hand, the new cloud platform facilitates the scope for systemic improvements to suit unique needs, thus eliminating the need for custom solutions. The advantage of Microsoft apps is that they will update your Business Central frequently without your monitoring or interference.

Understanding the App Technology
It will help if you learn how apps work in Business Central since it brings about an essential change in the system improvement customization plan. The preference between apps and app development is a very IT-oriented judgment. Systemic improvements make meeting rigid and extensive demands more comfortable, while apps make deploying additional features speedier, and updating to the latest versions much more effortless.

Installing an App
To do this, head to Business Central, and pick Extension Marketplace from the menu. This leads you to Microsoft AppSource. Then, choose an app, click on Get It Now, consent to the essential terms, and click on Install. This process lets you install the app, and you can check and follow the progress from the Deployment Status.

Testing an App Successfully
It is crucial to test an app before installing it within your ecosystem. While Microsoft has approved every app, and it is guaranteed that they function well, you would still presumably like to assess if the app meets your needs or not. This is why you need to test it in your sandbox ecosystem. If you feel that the app does not meet your standards and needs, or if you just do not require a specific app anymore, you can easily remove the App. Therefore, do not be apprehensive about testing new apps.

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