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Visitor Management has become an essential imperative for businesses. Prioritizing visitor checks and records for customers, partners, experts, distant operators, interns, and others who are not full-time employees is necessary. A structured and dynamic visitor management platform characterizes a confident visitor experience and the least interruption for employees. There is no need for it to be expensive, but it just has to work well to suit your organization's needs.

A diverse range of risks related to safety, finance, and credit is associated with traditional and outmoded visitor management systems. So, make a change while it's not too late with the VLC Visitor Management platform that resembles a digital logbook, with the following salient features:
  • Visitor Check-In: This option is set to record the visitor check-ins into the business. Upon being clicked, an automatic email notification is sent to the relevant departments in charge to register an entry.
  • Visitor Check-Out: Visitors checking out of the company by clicking on this option instantly notify the said check-out with the respective personnel.
  • Visitor Arrival: Email notifications to the concerned internal employees are sent upon the arrival of new visitors.
  • Print Badge with QR Code: Visitors may print their badge to obtain entry into the facility.
  • Document Attachments: This is the option that enables visitors to attach their documents like ID/Residence Proof, Educational Certificate, etc.
  • Comments (Comment Editor): Visitors can add notes up-to 15,000 characters at once in the comment sheet, if desired, using this option.
  • Visitor Wizard: Using this feature, visitors may easily Create/View the record.
  • Import/Capture Visitor Image: Capture visitor picture during the visit or import if a pre-visit is planned.
  • Generate QR Code: System Generates QR Code for the Visitor.
  • Log Entries for Check In/Out: Log entries provide the visitor history, as below:
    • When a visitor has checked in/out.
    • Metrics of check-ins and check-outs.
  • Analysis in Sales and Relationship Manager Role Center: Displays the total Visitor Activity Cue in separate categories under Companies, Persons, Duplicates, Visitors, etc.
  • Manage Visitor Citizenship: Visitor citizenship can be well managed by recording the original citizenship details on the visitor card.
  • Reports to view Statistics and Analysis Data: Reports are available for data analysis.

A Trial Subscription of 30 days is automatically created if there is an EMail in the Company Information before installing the App. A Trial Subscription can also be created after installing the App by using the information here.
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