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Our Platform for Commerce

VLC Solutions makes it simple to produce appealing trademark experiences to online customers on any device with our cloud-based e-commerce ecosystem.

Steer more buyer traffic to your web stocks and stores, transform browsers into buyers, and boost web-based revenue using a resilient, cross-functional e-commerce platform that evolves simultaneously with you.

Advance your company’s mark with Dynamics 365 Commerce. Produce customized, flawless shopping experiences along both the physical and automated paths.

Run your E-commerce Business in a streamlined fashion, being governed by the following:

Scope to Expand and Emerge your Online Business

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce facilitates secure deployment, smooth upgrades, and pliability. Leverage innovations and programmed updates with each release, assuring the newest e-commerce technology within your business.

A Common B2B & B2C Platform

Sustain and propel both B2C e-commerce and B2B e-commerce on a common platform. Formulate B2C sites that remit the appropriate, appealing, and customer-expected experiences. Propose B2B customers experience along B2C lines with frameworks designed to truly engage and satisfy business buyers' personalized demands.

Order Management

The current commerce background demands perfection in order fulfillment that distinguishes your company's commerce from the others, generating faithful customers who order regularly and transform into brand promoters. Dynamics 365 Commerce order management renders the aptitudes to fit and beat growing consumer expectations for fully-integrated shopping experiences and expand profitability.

This enables you to successfully scale your enterprise. Dynamics 365 Commerce presents the complete omnichannel customer experience letting buyers buy and be satisfied from anywhere.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Dynamics 365 Commerce administers a 360-degree picture of every customer of every channel and interaction point, letting you produce customized, continuous, and compatible service, implement suitably engaging shopping experiences, and strengthen customer commitment.

With Dynamics 365 Commerce operating as an essential component of your commerce business, you can obtain unparalleled clarity of your consumers' purchasing and browsing ventures.

Strengthen Customer Faith and Surpass Expectations

Witness a complete picture of every customer on a combined commerce platform, cater to their demands at all levels of involvement, and develop persistent connections by smart agents that consolidate your business mark.

  • Customize customer practices over retail trenches, facilitating exceeded customer expectations through tailored stock choices.
  • Increase customer preference via continuous paths, granting access to the complete product description, whether on the store or through online means, irrespective of commodity levels or store location.
  • Capture a panoramic customer glimpse with Dynamics 365 Customer Insights. Link real and digital display cases within a distinctive view of transaction activities, statistical data, and performance data.
  • Enable your workers to forge enduring bonds through AI-induced suggestions, acumen, and commitment applications.
Refashion and Hone Your Retail Processes

Design customized hassle-free commerce know-how and unified, back-end processes by using established and penetrating AI and machine learning.

  • Amplify profitability with AI-navigated instructions for the appropriate products at the best cost and time.
  • Obtain an objective stock view , wholly tracked stock data, classifications, pricing, and variety.
  • Execute familiarized, cost-efficient commodity supply choices with superior analytics of AI and machine learning.
  • Correctly estimate consumer demand with result-inducing shrewdness rendered by past purchases and sales data.
  • Organize supply and replacement facilities , assist in procuring vendors' most favorable rates, and identify the precise time to replace the existing merchandise.
Captivate Consumers Along Diverse Channels

Provide your customers the possibility to buy anywhere and on any gadget by presenting an effortless, well-ordered, and steady customer commitment over both online and offline media.

  • Ensure a consolidated, centralized shopping experience by uniting technical, back-end, on-premise office processes on a fully strategized e-commerce interface.
  • Propose a steady, smooth engagement beyond online and offline paths. Leave the choice to determine when, how, and where, and what to buy solely to your customers.
  • Give comfort and alternatives with a logically unified ordering and attaining tools. Provide the choice of buying online or collecting up from the store or to receive products through home delivery.
  • Devise and maintain traffic promotions over all channels, regulated by store, inventory, or consumer alliance with reliable, synchronized single-channel cost and sales records.
Gain the Required Versatility and Security

Satisfy your operational obligations with compliant deployment prospects and a customizable and modular platform that holds fast to world-wide security and compliance criteria.

  • Fix your global business inadequacies with compliant deployment decisions, be it on-site or in the cloud.
  • Personalize your service with an individually-controlled and scalable grandstand that develops and advances to suit your interests.
  • Extend a centralized experience along diverse conduits with an API-steered e-commerce powerhouse that underpins legendary, fresh, and evolving e-commerce conduits.
  • Pre-emptively shield your data analytics with integrated security governance and all-encompassing compliance adherence.
Acquire the Whole Kit to Create and Manage E-Commerce

Expand your enterprise with a comprehensive commerce service that computes your essentials across conventional e-commerce and contemporary trends.

  • Formulate appealing, exceptional digital display cases with ingrained network creation and foolproof developing tools.
  • Fully engage customers by giving customized, captivating network experience with content-steered commerce craft.
  • Generate effortless channel-based management through a coherent commerce and marketing program by rendering a unique content view, merchandise, advertisements, and price assessments.
  • Let shoppers discover commodities quickly, both online and offline using smart, context-specific product searches.
  • Improve customer conversion rate with AI-prompted evaluations and reviews that enhance product choice and stimulate purchase gains.

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