Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Magento Connector

VLC Magento Connector enables both Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and your Magento e-Commerce Webstore to connect on end-to-end, two-way integration to get your Webstore up and running with Real-Time data like products and their inventory and more. It is a Full Integration that supports Schedule based synchronization of data (like products, product Inventory, Product Sales Tier Prices, customers and their addresses information, orders, order payments information) between the two.


  • Customers and Customer Address Management:
    • Full Integration (two-way) of customers and customer’s addresses (multiple billing and shipping addresses).
    • Pushes Web customer registrations from Magento right into Business central as Customers.
    • Number of Addresses for web customers can be managed and synched to Business central from Magento.
    • Existing Customers from Business central can be send and synched to Magento.
  • Product, Product Sales Prices and Inventory Management:
    • New Products information and update of Product information can be sent from Business Central to Magento.
    • Inventory of Products by warehouse location from Business Central can be sent to Magento to show real-time inventory in website.
    • Synchronizes Tier prices of products (customer group wise sales prices) from Business Central to Magento.
  • Order Management:
    • Allows Guest Customer checkout which pushes guest customer information into Business Central along with order information which then creates a new customer for that Guest and creates sales order for that customer in the Business Central.
    • Pushes Web orders from Magento right into business central and creates sales orders in Business Central.
    • Sends Sales Order Shipment status to Magento from Business Central when a sales order shipment posted.
    • Can Send tracking number from Business Central to Magento along with shipment status.
    • Sends Sales Order Invoice Status to Magento from Business Central to capture payment in magento when a sales order invoice posted.
  • Payment, Shipping and Tax:
    • Synchronizes web payment information from Magento into the Business Central.
    • Ability to Map Payment Methods of both Magento and Business Central.
    • Ability to Map Shipping Agents and Shipping Agent Services of both Magento and Business Central.
    • Taxes and Shipping Charges information sends to Business Central from Magento along with Sales Order information.


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