Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect

Reliable, Scalable and Dynamic way to Integrate Magento and Dynamics 365 Business Central: Introducing Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect

Accelerate operational competence and present a unique customer experience by blending the scalability and capacity of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central with Magento flexibility through just one extension - Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect enables your Magento business store's integration with Dynamics 365 Business Central employing Magento API. It implements an automated integration for synchronizing orders, items/products, customers/contacts, prices, and inventory.

Designed by implementing web services, a product variation in Dynamics 365 Business Central, such as a category or product synchronization, occurs in real-time in Magento. Transform updates into easily achievable tasks with pre-determined job tasks.
  • Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect extension is priced at the cost of $2500, which includes all installation and setup assistance.
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  • Only if you're satisfied with our solution and offering, you may place an order with us.
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Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect is designed to facilitate order management, shipping, accounting, and manufacturing solutions. It can be readily used by small, medium, and, enterprise-level businesses.

Once your Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect setup is complete, each Magento related product, customer, customer address, and order is automatically synced.

Many contemporary solutions do not usually allow you to send a customer the customer address, product, and order information manually and in real-time. Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect grants the ability to transfer all the synchronized data in real-time and lessens manual methods to prevail over these stumbling blocks.

Features List


The setup is easy, quick and convenient. The comfortable setup arrangement lets you begin using Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect extension instantly without ado. Our well-outlined documentation on Dynamics 365 Business Central Express Connect extension empowers you to configure or set it up real fast.


All critical data, i.e., products, prices, stock, orders, customers, customer addresses, etc., as mentioned earlier, gets synchronized instantly between both structures..


Is there trouble in placing a square peg into a round opening? Be relieved of this, as our team of experts can lend you more than a hand! They enable the relevant integration solution for you to minimize all kinds of hassle.


All critical data, i.e., products, prices, stock, orders, customers, customer addresses, etc., as mentioned earlier, gets synchronized instantly between both structures.

Safety & Security

Regardless of whether your Magento installation is functioning on https/SSL or not, the information between the ERP software and Magento shall also scrutinize this encrypted connection. This communication stream is achieved through a secure indication or token between both the systems to distinguish each channel. Hence, it facilitates data synchronization and transfer between Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP and a Magento web store to be guarded, nameless, and safe.


The data rendered by the ERP software will be collected by the website (and vice versa) in the same given form. If any, errors may be quickly tracked through our effective error logs in Magento and communication log entries in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central.


Owing to the Magento and ERP system's autonomous and independent nature, any malfunction happening on any side is mutually exclusive and do not impact each other.

Modules Synchronization


When a simple or configurable fresh item is added in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, it will automatically be transmitted to Magento. Every attribute, including SKU, name, price, description, stock, and any other custom added attribute, is also sent to Magento.


When a new order is placed in Magento, the order will be spontaneously sent to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. When any network or unexpected error occurs in synchronization, the admin user can resend the order to Business Central to ensure that the order is received by Business Central. Usually, orders are placed in web store only. As a result, the synchronization is enabled from Magento to Business Central only.


Dynamics 365 Business Central has a setup feature to send the item attribute details to create/update the item attribute information in order to be synced with Magento 2.

Tier Price

Any product tier price added or updated in Dynamics 365 Business Central is automatically reflected in Magento, along with related details.


Dynamics 365 Business Central has a setup feature to send the item inventory details like quantity and quantity of the stocks to be well in sync with Magento 2.


Customers form the most significant part of data in ERP system. A new customer added in Business Central or Magento will be synced instantly. The updates are also made clearly available to the customers, in tandem with the real-time matching records.

Customer Address

Customers are allowed to have more than one address, including billing address and shipping address. A new address added to the customer, will be made known to the other side. Furthermore, subsequent additions of new default addresses will also be automatically synchronized.

Note: For sending data, creation/updation based on setup or defined attribute for each module i.e. customer, customer address and product, the manual procedures are followed.
IMPORTANT! Customization Needed on the ERP Side:
This software does NOT integrate directly with the Microsoft Dynamics Business Central system. Microsoft Dynamics Business Central provider must execute the option to read/ write the necessary files/ data to/ from the Business Central system. A skilled Microsoft Dynamics Business Central developer would commonly spend two to three days instinctively deriving product data, order import, and customer information setup. You would have to talk to VLC's ERP supplier and dispense the full integration documentation to receive a price quote from us to estimate the total cost.
Open Source: The software is 100% open source, making it easy to customize.

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