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VLC Warehouse management & Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics automats the materials handling process for retailers, manufacturers, distributors, and third-party logistics providers. By integrating advanced radio-frequency (RF) and barcoding technologies with core warehouse automation etc..

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Maximize Efficiencies

The importance of efficiently automating complex, multi-site, multi-channel warehouse systems can hardly be overstated. Every step is important. Inefficiencies in warehouse management can be difficult to quantify, but their impact is critical to your business success.

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Connect Supply Systems

Warehouse management & Distributions offers direct integration with inbound and outbound freight provider systems. You can quickly send purchase orders electronically to vendors and freight forwarders receive advanced shipping notices (ASN) from vendors etc..

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Connect Master Logistics

Bypass the put-away process in VLC inventory speed and throughput. Warehouse Management & Distribution always you to talk advantage of both External and internal cross-docking. You can cross-dock receiving directly to outbound shipment, as well as externally cross-dock pallets or sales order for etc..

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Orchestrate Movements

Calculate, release, and monitor conveyor movements in real time, including buffer, picking, cross-docking, and shipment locations. Each Picking basket is sent only to the targeted picking stations and, upon completion, to the packing station.

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Synchronize Shipments

Redirecting Stock is a necessary but sometimes completed and inefficient part of any Warehouse management process. But it doesn't have to be: with Warehouse Management and Distribution, you can easily define routines to follow when orders exceed available stock. The auto-reservation routine will first try to reserve against your expected Purchase order etc..

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Simplify and enhance your production processes. Boost efficiency and optimize business management to stand out in a competitive marketplace. VLC Warehouse Management & Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics delivers an end-to-end system tailored to your unique needs.

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