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Comprehensive Manufacturing Services to Increase Efficiency, Reduce Costs, and Improve Quality

Manufacturing ERP Software for Assembly Lines & Singular Manufacturers.

Manufacturing Services
VLC Solutions offers cutting-edge technologies to manufacturers so they can grow more efficiently and respond quickly to changing market conditions and consumer demands. With centralized and automated company operations, we address the unique challenges you face in the manufacturing sector and propel your company to new levels.
Manufacturing Business Solutions with a Success-Focus
  • Track, gauge, and keep an eye on every aspect of your business, from the ground floor to the top floor and from the raw materials to the finished product.
  • Gain real-time, actionable visibility into plant and business operations to increase efficiency.
  • As your revenue and profits rise, cut costs and streamline processes.
  • Optimize lean manufacturing to concentrate on the most important goals to improve judgment, reduce waste, and boost customer satisfaction.
  • Work with simplistic adaptability to novel manufacturing techniques, shifting customer needs, and developing business strategies.

Technical Features

Integrate every Facet of your Company into a Single system
Put an end-to-end cloud-based or On-Premise system that runs on big screens in conference rooms, workstations at user desks, laptops on the field, tablets and smartphones on the move and all the devices including machines on your shop floor in place of sheets of paper. Everything is streamlined by our integrated manufacturing solutions. You'll have immediate access to precise, aggregated data covering everything from revenues and acquiring to tendering and cost accounting.
Utilize the Cloud to the Fullest
Stop being confined to the shop to complete your work and begin accessing your ERP information from any location, at any time, with the help of the cloud.

Streamlined Shipping
With a strong shipping function, you can keep track of each and every order and boost your shipment accuracy. Along with the other software systems, the shipping module integrates with no issues. You can easily print the shipment information, delivery label or Bill of Lading, and any additional paperwork you require when you are ready to ship domestic or international.
Easily Transform Estimates into Orders
Use trustworthy data to analyze the financial performance of particular jobs and standard estimates. Simply convert your estimates into orders. While your team begins their work, our job shop, manufacturing solution provides you with a thorough cost analysis.

Automate Material Management
With our solution, you can regain control over the way you buy your materials. Your purchasing and production processes will be more effective than ever, lowering your costs, while also improving your bottom line.
Use a Single Solution to Track Procurement, Work Schedules, and Data Collection
To reduce waste and inefficient processes in your company, gather data on a variety of performance measures. With our business and manufacturing solution, you can maintain procurement, scheduling, and data collection for your job shop and production floor while producing goods more efficiently.

Utilize our VLC Scheduler application from anywhere to access Data and make Revisions
Our mobile and tablet application permits you to take a high-level look at how your shop floor is operating, scan documents and pictures, physically count items on the shop floor, and get status reports on individual staff. You'll be able to make wise business decisions whenever and wherever you need to with this scale of exposure to important metrics.
Use Our Machine Shop Software to Raise the Caliber of your Products
Utilize our quality control attributes to deliver high quality while enhancing the productivity and earnings of your business. To assist you in meeting ISO regulatory standards, our features will enable you to quickly develop all the relevant paperwork.

Business Benefits

Employ a Worker who is Available 24/7
A business system doesn't get sick, take naps, or have holidays. Boost organization-wide performance. Meet skilled labor system requirements. You save time, distress, and funds by automating tiresome administrative tasks with our ERP solutions without expanding your team.
Observe how your Supply Chain is Changing
You have little control over how quickly you will receive raw materials due to external economic factors. You can regain some of that control and be more flexible when adjusting costs, sharing information with outside parties, and offering better customer service if you have visibility into your supply chain and use advanced AI-based forecasting.

Gain Time back with Streamlined Manufacturing Automation
Gain efficiency by switching from unorganized paper stacks to readily accessible data, to allow you to concentrate resources on your shop floor. Allow shop floor workers to utilize technology effectively at their workstations.
Handle your Job-shop's Evolving Needs with Ease
VLC Industry expertise with vetted processes and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central application, you can boost your bottom line by reducing time wastage in entering data into various systems and enhancing communication channels by having a single source of information. Additionally, get instant access to corporate data so you can make choices about your company in perfect sync.

Unify the Entire Business Seamlessly
Substitute multiple systems, bulletin boards, and paper with a standard, cloud-based solution. With this, you can manage your materials components and labor planning all in one location and receive real-time, extensive data from any device on your shop floor.
Eliminate Inefficiencies
By the virtue of the collection module, you can see everything that is going on in your shop. Obtain visibility into the real costs of your business so you can fix rates accurately and increase your sales and profits.

Regulation and Compliance for the Defense Industrial Base (DIB)
We now provide an ITAR platform so that any U.S. aerospace and defense manufacturers can specialize in producing high-quality components that satisfy customers while also securely maintaining ITAR compliance.

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