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VLC presents a fusion of custom-made new tech and core competencies that provide businesses with advanced alternatives to their most pressing compliance issues.

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VLC Solutions understands that risk management and compliance adherence can be a struggle for businesses. With a consistently transforming regulatory landscape, it can be arduous for enterprises to match pace accordingly.

This causes the liabilities to snowball at the organizational level and so do the risks attached with it. Slipping up on critical compliance standards can land you on possible breaches of security and subsequent penalties, eventually impacting your business repute.

The various compliance regulations that we primarily deal with are CMMC Compliance, FISMA/NIST 800-53, HIPAA Security Standards, ISO27001:2013, MARS-E Security Standards, New York Cybersecurity (23NYCRR 500), Payment Card Industry (PCS-DSS).

Understanding the underlying relevance of compliance.

The Spillover Nature of Compliance Services

For plugging the loophole of fragmented compliance adherence, the management forces need to ensure a centralized and streamlined operating model so that the contemporary regulations are met.

At VLC Solutions, we narrow down our focus to just that and let your business stay updated on robust vendor management, cybersecurity support, risk assessment, and compliance standards. We also assist you in developing high-end strategies to suit your compliance needs, adapting to the dynamic landscape of regulatory compliance norms.

Compliance Risk Management: The Whys and Hows

Smart and Healthy organizations need to address organizational compliance in a calculated fashion. Utilize the below list to secure your business to proceed with a wide-ranging compliance and risk management strategy.

Cross-Departmental Awareness

It is essential to make the departments of your business aware of their compliance responsibilities. A plan to set up a benchmark to determine this would be your first step. Identifying unseen stakes and risks and developing insightful systems of communication chains form a prominent trait of all team members.

Third-Party Vendor Plan

Using third-party software services, applications, infrastructure, etc. or even a SaaS should embolden your business to rack up a firm vendor management policy that infuses least unrestricted access.

Motivated Vision

Compliance norms require you to be having a pre-emptive stance to address concerns rather than plainly reacting to challenges when they occur. Businesses should be well-planned to approach risk and regulatory glitches.

Managerial Assistance

Calculate your managerial acknowledgment in business decisions pertaining to compliance regulations. Seek administrative assistance and see if they’re on board with rolling out the same plan.

Demarcating Operation Territory

Devise a scheme wherein you include every department of your business within the ambit of compliance and security norms. These departments may consist of sales, marketing, production, accounting and finance, human resources, etc.

A Three-Phased Compliance Plan

The procedure for enhancing your compliance mechanism can be primarily embedded into three major phases. Adhering to a strategic process can assist in pre-determined vision and implementation. Cut down on your penalty payments on CMMC compliance breaches by religiously following the below checklist.

Stage 1: Identification

Set in motion a basic plan with the following assurances:

  • Organize an in-depth inventory assessment
  • Work on reliable managerial assistance
  • Demarcate the departments associated with compliance concerns
  • Conduct an analysis to recognize potential assets that are compliance related

Stage 2: Execution

Get your plan off the ground by checking the intent of earnestness in your team with respect to regulation adherence.

  • Organize sessions for employee education on compliance parameters
  • Create a unified compliance committee within your business
  • Call in domain experts or professionals to aid in further assistance
  • Delineate the difference between security and compliance and that one doesn’t automatically guarantee the other
  • Figure out a robust third-party vendor policy for a distinct security engagement

Stage 3: Adaptation & Continuity

Compliance protocols are ever-changing and you need to ensure long-ranging adaptive propulsion to keep them all in strict order and constancy.

  • Identify potential risk areas and threats by keeping a grasp of the analytics
  • Bring into being, a reliable rating system for third-party vendors as you add newer technologies
  • Make sure the newer extensions in IT services are also adhering to compliance standards at both the levels of application and network
  • Make employee training sessions an annual event, with enhanced refurbishments

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