Security Fortification: Penetration Testing for Robust Protection

Stay Ahead of Attackers with Independent Third-Party Penetration Testing

Stay one step ahead of attackers and demonstrate your commitment to data security with independent third-party Penetration Testing-your shield against potential breaches.

Show your dedication to data security requirements by leveraging VLC’s independent third-party assessments. Our Penetration Testing Suite offers a comprehensive range of services, including application testing, network testing, mobile application penetration testing, social engineering campaigns, cloud penetration testing, secure code review, and hardware & IoT penetration testing. Each service helps reinforce your security posture and mitigate potential risks.

Application Testing

Ensure the security of your software, web applications, APIs, and client-side applications with our thorough penetration testing. These components are often the most vulnerable aspects of an application, making it crucial to assess their security to protect your data and systems effectively.

Network Testing

Our network penetration testing covers both external and internal networks. Whether you're ready for a full network test or prefer a vulnerability scan as a preliminary step, we can assist you in identifying potential vulnerabilities and detecting easily detectable issues within your network infrastructure.

Mobile Application Testing

With the rising popularity of mobile applications, assessing their security posture is imperative. Our mobile application penetration testing focuses on the security perimeters of your mobile apps and their related APIs. By identifying source code vulnerabilities and potential attack vectors, we help safeguard your applications and protect both your organization and its users.

Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering Campaign mimics real-world attacks by employing techniques such as phishing, vishing, and physical breach attempts. This comprehensive test aims to assess your team's security awareness, validate security processes, and raise awareness about potential vulnerabilities that could compromise your data or physical resources.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Evaluate the security of your cloud environment and hosted services through our specialized cloud penetration testing. We simulate real-world attack scenarios to identify potential threats and provide insights into how an attacker could move laterally within your cloud infrastructure. This test not only enhances your security posture but also helps meet compliance requirements.

Secure Code Review

We meticulously examine your application or system's source code by conducting secure code reviews to identify security vulnerabilities and potential risks. This process allows you to address and remediate these weaknesses before deploying your application or system into production, minimizing the likelihood of security breaches.

Hardware & IoT Penetration Testing

Our hardware and IoT penetration testing service evaluates electronic devices, including their interactions within networks, cloud infrastructure, and third-party devices. We ensure the confidentiality and safety of our analysis, providing valuable insights to strengthen device security and mitigate potential breaches.

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