Inventory Management System

Integrate conveyor and storage systems

Orchestrate conveyor systems for movements
Calculate, release, and monitor conveyor movements in real time, including buffer, picking, cross-docking, and shipment locations. Each Picking basket is sent only to the targeted picking stations and, upon completion, to the packing station.

Automate storage systems
Keep track of all units that are currently in storage receive a message each time a unit is storage and automatically update on hand values. For the outbound process, Warehouse Management & Distribution send a message to the storage system when the units are required, and then route the outbound. For automated cotton storage systems, cotton are ordered routed to the required.

Pallet storage systems, Warehouse Management & Distribution will evaluate the pallets and order the pallet according to the selected rule. The system also supports the ability to order pallets and to only pick off selected cartons, sending the remaining pallet back into the pallet Warehouse.

Leverage wave planning for a refill
Support efficient process management for a range of picking the style, including wave, batch, simultaneous, or sequential zone. Fill multiple orders simultaneously and track and inventory in real time. Minimize picking area by use wave planning to move only items that are needed to complete an order.

Automate restocking
During the wave calculating, the system calculates process picks from pick locations and evaluates the stock, generating restocks as needed. Restocks will be determined based on the rules you define. In addition, operators can scan locations with low stock levels, determine the quantity on hand, and use the RF terminal to request new stock deliveries.

Speed carton splitting and picking
Automate the carton splitting process, dividing units between required outbound orders. Simplify internal carton splits between retail outlets by allowing over-deliveries, and print split labels or automate the entire process through the RF communication window.

Define put-away calculations
Prior to receiving a shipment, the put-away calculation can determine how much of each shipment should be directed to specified picking, buffer, and cross-docking locations. When inventory is received, item attributes and parameters will determine where the inventory should be stored. Inventory quantities are updated in the system for each location.

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