Integrate conveyor and storage systems

Integrate conveyor and storage systems

The importance of efficiently automating complex, multi-site, multi-channel warehouse systems can hardly be overstated. Every step is important. Inefficiencies in warehouse management can be difficult to quantify, but their impact is critical to your business success.

If you're in the business of moving inventory, the speed, accuracy and efficiency of each turn make a difference. Eliminating blind spots and eradicating wasted steps can have a major impact on your bottom line.

Solution: VLC Warehouse Management & Distribution for Microsoft Dynamics
Take hold of an end-to-end solution that builds on robust Microsoft Dynamics functionality to automate the materials handling process for distributors, manufacturers and retailers.

By integrating with supplier systems, automating picking processes and enabling you to implement cross-docking and wave planning processes. Warehouse Management & Distribution streamline order management, receiving, stocking, replenishment, picking, and shipping. Businesses can improve customer service with faster turnaround times and precise order fulfillment.

Maximize operational efficiencies and reduce operating costs.

Warehouse Management & Distribution can help your organization.

Accelerate performance now and accommodate future growth
Warehouse Management & Distribution is designed for today's fast, high-volume transaction environments. The solution builds on robust, integrated Microsoft Dynamics capabilities to deliver an end-to-end warehouse management solution.

VLC productivity from the start
Deliver a solution that people can learn and use on multiple devices. Designed to minimize training time and costs, Warehouse Management & Distribution system offers simplified processes that designated staff gets accurate information needed to perform tasks fast and accurate.

Improve efficiency and accuracy to reduce costs and drive customer satisfaction
Automated processes, real-time data and analysis tools ensure fast error-free inventory tracking, picking, packing and shipping processes which helps in on time order fulfillment. Integrated warehouse robotics and conveyor systems help minimize labor costs and drive faster turnaround time, while still ensuring that goods are delivered to the right location.

Drive speed and quality control across your entire supply chain
Warehouse Management & Distribution enables you to integrate with inbound and outbound freight provider systems, implement cross-docking processes both internally and externally, support wave, batch, zone and other picking styles, and automate packing and invoicing systems. With all your supply systems working in concert, you'll reduce your cost of doing business, VLC customer satisfaction, and earn their repeat business.

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