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How MES Can Benefit Your Business

Production Dispatching

Output Dispatching

Gives the order to deliver supplies or orders to specific locations within the facility to start a procedure.
WIP & Resource Tracking

Resource Monitoring

This helps keep track of the development of individual items, groups of items, or output loads to build a complete record of the product.
Product Tracking & Genealogy

Tracking of Goods

Assembles a complete history of products by keeping track of the development of units, quantity, or lots of yields.
Document Control

Document Management

Manages certification statements of work and condition and handles or disburses data concerning products, procedures, design concepts, or orders.
Machine Utilization

Machine Utilization

Uses sustainable and cost-effective production techniques.
Resource Management

Resource Management

Tracks what is being done or has already been carried out by people, machineries, instruments, and raw material.


Helps in comparing the facility output measurements to objectives and benchmarks established by the equipment manufacturer, production engineering, business, or clients.
Maintenance Management

Maintenance Management

The goal of maintenance management is to keep the facility's equipment and other business assets operating effectively.
Finite Scheduling

Finite Planning

Organizes and schedules tasks for optimal plant performance based on the resource's limited abilities.

Remodel Manufacturing Design and Delivery

Today's age and time have phenomenally outstretched manufacturing from limited precincts to a worldwide value chain.

Innovation and mechanization empower enterprises to virtually reflect their current manufacturing excellence. This also leads them to swiftly augment their endurance and formulation of new notions and concepts. The degree of sustainability is again finding a tremendous path.

Technical up-gradation is remodeling manufacturing – empowering productions to be functionally competent and mature to become farsighted by generating more customer-focused, flexible and viable industries. The latest and contemporary solutions go above and beyond simple technological up-gradation to implement regularity of procedures (to operate a company) and a specific business model (to reconstruct a business) for the tomorrow of manufacturing.

Manufacturing & Shop Floor Automation

Thrust Enhanced Efficiency amid Manufacturing Equipment and ERP Software

Control a more robust manufacturing method with smooth integration of ERP software with manufacturing processes on the shop floor and Warehouse.

Many ERP solutions disregard the current shop floor capacities. VLC MES Software has led the self-regulation between ERP software, shop floor, and warehouse equipment. Shop floor automation solutions like direct Production Monitoring capture the production data directly from machines and operators and get real-time production metrics and analytics in a ready-to-use, viewable way. This assists in eliminating manual data collection, automation of alerts for help calls, and preventative maintenance. Also, it enhances cycle times, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and plant productivity.

Functional Optimization

Optimization can percolate the best improvement decisions for different perspectives of manufacturing. Employing a subset of artificial intelligence techniques, VLC MES can assist you in:

  • Strategizing over every planning space for rational outcomes
  • Resolving the most intricate operations' plan and optimization hurdles
  • Enlarging visibility with preparation and scheduling to reduce interruptions
  • Securing ready-to-use KPI evaluation on the decisions' quality

Producing Workforce in Manufacturing

Human capital is at its apex of skill needs. Businesses that adopt and develop their workforce through smart tools and interactively innovative conditions can become the future's tipping points. A digital-savvy generation is joining the crew and beginning new and future-looking operating trends with the right technology, agents, and manufacturing machinations.

The tomorrow of work is switching for manufacturers, not merely the workers but also the complete order. Corporations must be willing toward a talent transfer that has begun already. A skyrocketing need for technological, cultural, and better cognitive abilities and an embryonic criticality for long-term education has become the need of the hour. The latest standard for the management and work welfare begets autonomy for team units and working selves at an individual level too.

Future-Focused Orders

Manufacturing's future holds tenets that are creative, flexible, and consumer-oriented. Modern procedures, elements, and industry models are upsetting all enterprises and shaping that future likely. The concept of dispersed manufacturing is mostly new – designing extremely personalized stocks in local and miniature bunches.

However, this approach has a bone of contention, arm-twisting latest manufacturing novelties, such as platform economics, 3D printing or additive manufacturing, and mass customization. To do so at a price and range that renders it competitive and more compelling.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable discoveries are competent to blend life, nature, and goods. Amid a contemporary resurgence of industry and manufacturing, fresh perspectives have always garnered ways to utilize the virtual world to remake enterprises and cherish a sustainable Earth.

Doing so is not a choice but a clear responsibility. Also, it's not merely regarding energy efficiency or zero squander and dispersal. It's about the discovery of unique and novel options and possibilities for a robust corporate social responsibility. Explore the destiny of sustainable manufacturing and what part you can play as a manufacturing business.

VLC MES Capabilities

Production Monitoring

VLC MES Software monitors and seizes the production data right from devices and operators and lets you receive real-time production metrics and analytics in a ready-to-use, observable way. It also enables you to:

  • Rub out collecting manual data
  • Gain prompt alerts for machine conditions and cycle process modifications, performance, and scrap rates
  • Receive automatic signals for help requests, calls, and preventive support
  • Advance cycle rates, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and plant productivity

Process Monitoring

VLC MES Software processes to control a real-time glimpse of process parameters as each part gets generated. Recognize obstacles and transmit alerts, spark alarms, or also instantly turn off an entire device.

  • Observe each cycle and every device for real-time visibility into production and quality glitches
  • Lessen scrap and redo with automated part qualification and rejection
  • Pick up part and machine process data for traceability
  • Escalate performance and production and diminish expenses by automating the capture of Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) results
  • Capture part weights and dimensions and machine process parameters, and use the data for correlation analysis

Alerts and Notifications, We need to start building Alerts

VLC MES gives alerts and notifications that assist administrators, maintenance teams, and technicians in reacting quicker and running production on course. By automated message routing and escalation, your team can respond to situations instantly.

  • Send a Detail report of Production order changes (Quantity, Due Date etc.) daily to Supervisors so that they get one list of all changes.
  • Overdue Notification: If Production orders are not completed on the due date and if its after the shipment date.
  • Notification for any Downtimes reported by Operators
  • Demonstrate varied methods to secure the messages' acceptance. Phone Call, Overhead Paging, e-mail, flashing lights on machines, are only some of the ideas through which VLC MES can transmit alerts.

Production Program Scheduling

VLC real-time visual production scheduling retains even pace with all that's occurring in the shop. When responsibilities commence at the right time and orders finish when they're supposed to, your business can more assuredly fulfill its engagements.

  • Understand what is occurring on the floor with visible production scheduling mechanisms that are growing in real-time based on exact cycle time, uptime, and scrap rates
  • Effortlessly handle Family Molding and rationalize lean manufacturing using Kanban scheduling
  • Recognize Tooling disputes to bypass costly downtime
  • Intensify machine loading and depreciate downtime to diminish costs and capital expense
  • Estimate schedule production to classify activity-coordination intricacies, resource frictions, and likely cost overruns

Plant Management

VLC Plant Management maintenance control is a dynamic, judicious approach to maintain, repair, and overhaul (MRO). Control exercises for machine tools and ancillary equipment based on actual runtime, number of cycles, or time, so that you can reduce speculation and hassles from your maintenance program.

  • Facilitate a preventative maintenance program
  • Upgrade equipment robustness and advance endurance
  • Dodge production/maintenance scheduling struggles
  • Evade high-priced machine servicing and unplanned downtime
  • Control maintenance ventures with accuracy

Quality Administration

Statistical process control (SPC) and statistical quality control (SQC) with VLC MES use real-time, automatic data to support your response to performance circumstances, reducing expensive scrap and extra work.

  • Decrease scrap and rework with automatic part qualification and rejection
  • Fulfill customer demands and avoid chargebacks and error penalties by guaranteeing conformance to quality criteria
  • Stimulate constant revisions to discard waste, boost uptime, and diminish costs

Superior Analytics

Induce operations data to life. VLC MES instantly and industriously reflects each piece of data and applies it to create conclusions in one or more plants. Superior Analytics is a click-to-scrutinize channel supporting supervisors and executives to organize preferences and define what needs work and who needs guidance.

  • Drop manual analysis for better, more agile strategic decisions
  • Leverage production data for outlining and strategic problem resolution
  • Boost response capacity with context-specific insights across the industry
  • Steer consistent advancement

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