Simplify Business Central with Barcode and Report Management

The Benefits of Barcode and Report Management Integration for Business Central

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Barcodes serve as unique tools to manage your processes with quality control. When coupled with insightful reports, the impact felt can be much larger. VLC's integrated Barcode and Report management system lets you accelerate your processes while guaranteeing refined accuracy with significant data analytics.

For small to medium-sized businesses, this would mean reduced costs with the support of universal tracking of products that enters or leaves the warehouse or inventory. This manifests into reliable real-time data across various geographical locations and instant reports serving a central database for large-scale enterprises.

VLC Barcode and Report Management Solution

VLC brings to you a solution that will help companies use different Barcodes like UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE-14, and CODE-128 inside Business Central. Companies can create their Barcode using "UPC Country Code" and "UPC Manufacturer Code" or use an existing one at the product, product variant, item specifications, or SKU level along with Employee, Warehouse, Zone, and bin Barcode Management.

These Barcodes would support and streamline all scanning and facilitate cross-reference with the relevant Products. Barcodes can be printed on various document reports and external reports. This solution provides different document reports like Sales Order Confirmation, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order, Picking List, Packing List, etc., which aid in offering professional printing services to all businesses and can be extended further too.

Images of the Barcode values can be requested using the Azure functions. These are again stored inside the database, so the latency of this web service that normally occurs is avoided when running the reports to print the barcodes.

Our Expertise in Data Capture

Barcode Data Capture Kindling Growth

Obtaining, monitoring, and integrating vital data in your supply chain is crucial for creating interactive and memorable customer experiences. This is more valid today than ever before. For a long time now, Barcoding has been serving businesses in deploying data capture to eradicate inaccuracies and inefficiencies engendered because of manual data entry.

At VLC, we focus on generating data collection systems explicitly planned to offer an extensive range of processes and workflows that are more effective, authentic, and equated. Data capture practices that are based on barcodes are yet the most cost-effective and powerful means to automate critical data collection. Almost every business requirement and ecosystem can be enhanced using a barcode data capture technology to consolidate and track data.

A robust barcoding procedure depends on barcode tags that stick when needed, break off when required, are easy to read when scanned, and endure a diverse work ecosystem.

To accomplish a sustainable or an increased ROI, one should have the best combination of symbology, label prototype, portable barcode printers, mobile and solid computers, barcode label software, label stock and ribbons for application, and integration with the existing business systems.

  • Supports different barcode types like UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE-14, and CODE-128.
  • Professional reports for documents such as Sales Order Confirmation, Sales Invoice, and Return Authorization.
  • Barcoding for warehouse documents such as Picking List, Packing List, and Put Away List.
  • Option to create a list of own Barcodes and assign it to products when required.
  • Barcode images of the values like Item, Location Code, Bin Code, Quantities which are reused in documents are saved to the database ruling out the need to be downloaded again.
  • Pre-download of the Value during non-peak usage hours to prevent lag when the reports are run.

A Trial Subscription of 30 days is automatically created if there is an E-Mail in the Company Information before installing the App. A Trial Subscription can also be created after installing the App by using the information here.

Frequently Asked Questions

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