VLC Barcode and Report Management FAQ

1 Licensing Options of BC and VLC Barcode and Report Management?

VLC Barcode and Report Management works with BC Essential and Premium License Options.

2 What are the Barcode Types supported by VLC BRM?

The App supports UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE-14 and CODE-128.

3 Does VLC BRM software require Web Services or external software?

BC currently does not support the native printing of Barcodes. The App uses web services to download the barcode images to print on the reports.

4 When too many warehouse documents are generated, does it slow down the printing of Barcodes?

No, the Barcodes are downloaded and saved in the Non-Peak Hours before they are required.

5 What is the Price for VLC BRM?

There is a One Time Installation and Configuration Professional Service fee and a Monthly Subscription Fee. For Specific details please Contact us.

6 Does BC Cloud and On-Premise works with VLC BRM?

Yes, BC Cloud and On-Premise Editions works with VLC BRM.

7 Is BC and VLC BRM available on Cloud for Trial?

Yes, Please Contact us for demo and trial information.

8 Are there BC Roles and Permissions available for VLC BRM?

Yes, BC Roles and Permissions are defined for VLC BRM.

9 Do you offer Implementation Assistance?

Yes, we do offer Implementation Services for Customers and Partners.

10 Do you offer Post Implementation Support?

Yes, Post Implementation Support is provided by us as well as our partners.

11 What is the Implementation Timeframe for VLC BRM?

VLC BRM can be implemented within 1 Day.

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