Barcode and Report and Management

1 Which Plan of Business Central is required for Barcode and Report Management?

Most of the reports of the Barcode and Report Management App are related to Warehouse Management and Items. Essential and Premium License can fully utilize its functionality.

2 What are the Barcode Types supported by VLC BRM?

The App supports UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, CODE-14 and CODE-128.

3 Does it require interacting with any external web services to work?

Business Central currently does not support the native printing of Barcodes. The App uses web services to download the barcode images to print on the reports.

4 If there are many warehouse documents being generated, does it slow down the printing of Barcodes?

No, the Barcodes are downloaded and saved in the Non-Peak Hours before they are required.

5 What is the Pricing for Barcode and Report Management?

Please Contact Us to know more about pricing.

6 Does this work for both Business Central Cloud and On-premises versions?

Yes. Additionally, Business Central On-premises can use the installed Barcodes and it does not require the use of external web services. So, please Contact VLC Solutions for Business Central On-premise solution.

7 Do we require to Assign Users permissions to use this App?

Yes, you need to Assign Permissions to the users to utilize the Barcode and Report Management Functionalities.

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