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Visually Schedule and Maintain your Production orders.

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Why Schedule Visually?

For production planners using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for production planning, getting a little lost with all the piled-up scheduling data is quite common.

Keeping track of schedule-based data embedded in a broad hierarchy of tables such as production orders, order lines, routing lines, capacity deployment, etc., can be very exhausting. One has to obtain extra clarity and understand all production orders, dependencies, due dates, capacity caseloads, and blockages within one look. Any production planner would prefer the option to respond to an unforeseen incident on the shop floor swiftly.

VLC Visual Scheduler

VLC Visual Scheduler is a production scheduling software that empowers clients to enhance the accuracy of delivery due dates. It also assists in recognizing hidden production capacity or obstacles and concedes for the planning of preventative maintenance. Further, it thoroughly integrates and directly reaches the data of your manufacturing module.

Our solution comprises three principal elements: the planning solution, the operator solution, and the monitoring solution. VLC Visual Scheduler facilitates powerful visual production scheduling and is vital for all production planners working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

While Dynamics 365 Business Central simply classifies all your production data into various planning tables, the VLC Visual Scheduler equips you with a highly engaging visual production schedule for more favorable deals with production orders and capacities. This lets the user instantly respond during unanticipated situations. With the VLC Visual Scheduler, you can quickly address requirements, frictions in the production schedule, or any other undesired incidents.

The central software application of VLC Scheduler offers a principal digital planning board wherein you can map out the production orders. Furthermore, you can also logically arrange and track them in timeline-centric conditions. The solution incorporates time-saving innovations such as automatic order rescheduling, order dependency arrangement, etc.

Production-floor Order Management

Order data can also be visualized and amassed in Dashboards for comprehensive order monitoring, with performance KPIs as and when needed as it is easily scalable. It can be grown and extended in multiple areas, such as Manufacturing Execution System (MES).

  • Timeframe-based Visual Overview and Production Order Plan Management.
  • Single-Screen Production Order Management and Operations.
  • Order Rescheduling with Drag-and-Drop options.
  • Individual Shift Setup per machine.
  • Safe and secure User management system.
  • Operator Screen to control Production Order Status and downtime reasons.
  • Essential Order Data Display on Dashboard, Live Screen and Production Floor Screen.
  • Order-based Analytics.
  • Live Visualization of Resource Use and imminent workloads, optimizing Capacity Deployment.

Seize the VLC Visual Scheduler now and transform your manufacturing schedule into an easily understandable visual plan.

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