Visitor Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central FAQ

Visitor Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

1 Which Plan of Business Central is required for VLC Visitor Management?

VLC Visitor Management supports Essential and Premium License can fully utilize its functionality.

2 What permission set required for VLC Visitor Management?

Apart from existing permission they need VLC APP MGMT ADMIN, VLC VM.

3 What are the Citizenship supported for visitor creation?

VLC Visitor Management allows you to create any citizenship, to manage this we have a field called Citizenship Code in visitor card.

4 Does it require to interact with any external web services to work?

Business Central natively does not support printing of QR Code. The App uses the web services to download the QR Code images to print on the Badge report.

5 What is the Pricing for VLC Visitor Management?

The Price is $29.00 per month for a Business Central Tenant.

6 Does this Work for both Business Central Cloud and On-premise versions?

Business Central On-premise can use the installed QR Code and does not require the use of external web services. So please contact VLC Solutions for Business Central On-premise solution.

7 Are all the functionalities of VLC Visitor Management available in trial version?

Yes, you can use all the functionalities of the VLC Visitor Management Functionalities in trial version.

8 How can we contact you for issues like Installing, Processing of App or any other queries?

You can contact us for any queries regarding Application

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