Governance,Risk,and Compliance

Governance, Risk, and Compliance is a strategic approach or framework to conduct holistic governance, business risk management, and compliance. It is a substructure to undertake a layered approach, suitably managing enterprise risk, satisfying compliance demands, and maintaining proper governance over the company.

GRC can be deployed by a whole array of businesses departments such as Accounting, Finance, Manufacturing, Distribution, Shipping, Receiving, Warehousing, Quality, and IT, etc.

However, despite diverse security controls and GRC tools to execute policies, Governance, Risk, and Compliance teams are not able to present regulators with reliable, quantitative data about the state of their rules at particular points in time, thus making GRC compliance and GRC security a big feat to achieve.

VLC GRC to Bolster Governance by Evaluating Risk and Measuring Compliance.
Distinguish, Monitor, and Control Risk across all your Enterprise Operations, and Third-Party Affiliations with VLC’s Unified GRC Platform.

Set in Motion a Robust Regime

Look for gaps and take steps to rectify and overcome conventional and evolving risks, exploit vigorous program structure that covers local norms and standards from around the world. Effortlessly customize frameworks and controls to suit your unique business processes to streamline GRC management systems.

Smarten your Risk Management

Decode governance risk data from vague numbers to value-centric business results. VLC GRC can outline the extent of your risk vulnerability and control your compliance risk management as against the most comprehensive database of global privacy and safety statutes.

Rely on a Truly Flexible and Resilient GRC Platform

Drive your GRC program off from a traditional responsive list of checks towards dynamic execution guided by experts across the VLC's compliance risk infrastructure that can readjust to your dynamic needs supporting your business in an ever-evolving market panorama.

The Tenets of VLC Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) Platform
Risk Management

Risk Management

Correlate and study data across applications, methods, and infrastructure to maintain security within your business and your risk to internal leaks. Outline risk-based practices to quantify risk in connection to likely business consequences. Combine other risk management agents and outline the extent of your risk with threat and vulnerability relations. Administer risk repair projects with a controlled workflow. Entrust, and track in-house and external responsibilities with a sustained communication gateway. Benefit from VLC's GRC for a comprehensive, unified risk control solution.

Vendor Risk Management

Record your overall market and maintain risk over vendors and third-party service sources attached to your supply chain and processes. Maintain merchant profiles and pre-concluded evaluations to optimize vendor risk management processes or employ automated evaluation technology to launch new obligations. Prolong your capacity by powering through with our vendor tracking services to grasp and track appraisal conclusions on behalf of your team. Remain updated with the most modern implementation actions and violation activity with your primary vendors or within similar and relevant enterprises to your business.

Vendor Risk Management
Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management

Develop your business continuity strategies for an implementable disaster recovery plan in an occurrence that could interrupt your routine business operations. Conduct business impact analysis to map implied downtime and associations in a natural or artificial emergency. Administer 'mock drill emulations over several situations like shortage of physical support or extensive absenteeism to experiment the applicability and efficiency of plans and support infrastructure strategies to sustain your fundamental developments.

Audit Management

Implement a risk-centric system to conduct internal audit exercises. Reconstruct the auditing method to a powerful pattern of logged action, with your policy instructions, governing decrees, and natural risk scope. Launch audit exercises with pre-conceived work papers and a unified platform to induct interviews, experiment design & efficiency, confiscate evidence, compile conclusions, and render suggestions to enhance spheres of importance or where there is scope to rationalize processes.

Audit Management
Privacy Management

Privacy Management

String your privacy administration plan into a positively unified risk management platform like VLC GRC. Establish a privacy plan by purpose to feature levels of information such as sensitive personal parameters and handle the compilation and processing of data across various customer contact points. Launch an approval model to notify customers about your processing transactions and collect detailed assent records. Extend active cookie flags to improve visitant experiences and investigate your website and digital stands to recognize tracking mechanisms and assure that activity aligns with your privacy etiquette.

Incident Management

Drop the biased summary of incident response provisions. Review relevant fields to recognize possible incidents, take strict action, and build an out-and-out response strategy. Adjust your response strategy with an applicable control frame to observe the activity. Assess likely influences on your company and the bottom line, and define a risk value. Learn from guided instructions to develop a proper governing response—record and respond based on past archives to study and intensify plans for forthcoming developments.

Incident Management

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