Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Shipping Software

Integrated Shipping for Business Central

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VLC Smart Shipping

Shipping management solution built for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to optimize all stages of your shipping process and helps customers increase the accuracy of product delivery.

As an On-Premises or cloud-based centralized shipping management software, VLC Solutions Smart Shipping Application is tightly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to help your business in effectively streamlining your shipping operations, reducing shipping costs, increasing efficiency, and cutting down labor expenses.


VLC Smart Shipping is a multi-carrier smart shipping software that optimizes and accelerates the shipping operations for both small package and LTL shipments.

Time-Saving Shipping Task Automation

VLC Shipping Application’s automation controls present to you state-of-the-art shipping and order automation possibilities. Perform any varied-step operation of shipping within easy seconds! Gain inadvertent access to the automation of product lists, filters, controls, tags, attributes, routing, and many more!

We Vouch for your Business Progress

VLC Shipping Application helps you arrange an industry-standard shipping solution and ensures that you attain a dedicated team of shipping specialists to boost your business growth. Whether you're a well-founded enterprise or a small business looking for easy, online shipping solutions and services, we've got you covered.

Supervise and sync Stock Levels

Get absolute visibility and control, and don't ever miss out on a sale. VLC Smart Shipping helps you produce a useful product allocation scheme to rationalize your inventory, synchronize it to keep it afloat. Follow, maintain, and observe inventory levels and prevent out-of-stock shipping orders. Utilize the available merchandise on a priority basis.

Manage All Orders from One Application

Easily plan, organize, rate, and track all your orders in one application that’s driven directly by order processing.

Increase Delivery Accuracy

Increase the accuracy of delivery dates with a complete real-time view of all your orders ready to ship and more.

Real-Time Order Status

Follow the status of orders in real-time.


Integration with Business Central

Ready to ship Sales Orders in Business Central can be processed from the smart shipping in seconds with a few easy shortcuts or mouse clicks or barcodes.

Decreases Shipping Errors

Common errors in the shipping process like incorrect shipping addresses, faulty products, etc. are eliminated as the shipping data is integrated directly with the ERP application.

Comparison of Shipping Prices

Shipping Costs are reduced as the provider with the least Shipping costs and best service can be picked from the shipping quotes (Rate Shop) provided by various carriers, including small packages and LTL.

Direct Status Tracking from Sales Documents

Provides easy access to track the package directly from the Sales documents.

International Shipping 

Processing of International Shipments is made simple as the required information like Schedule B, and Producer etc. is automatically extracted from the ERP application.

Automated Label and Document Printing

The Shipping Labels and documents are automatically received and sent to the assigned printers.



Manage Orders

Filter Orders

View, Search, and Sort Orders

Set a Ship By Date

Split Orders Into Multiple Shipments

Order Tags

Edit Order Details

Configure Checkout Rates

Address Validation

Order Alerts

Ship Orders

Connect a Postage Provider

Add Funds and Auto-fund Postal Accounts

Edit Services & Package Types

Set Ship From & Return Address

Configure Shipping

Use Shipping Presets

Calculate Rates

Create Single Labels

Create Multi-Package Labels

Reship an Order

Print Labels

Introduction to Batch Shipping

Working with Batches

Create a Batch

Print Labels with a Batch

Using Quickship

The Label Queue

Shipment Records & Details

Drop-shipping with VLC

Add Insurance to Shipments

Manage Shipments

Order & Shipment Records

Track Shipments

End of Day Forms

Void Labels

Return Labels

Search and Sort Shipments or Fulfillments

Filter Shipment or Fulfillment Records

Reprint a Label

Schedule a Pickup

Create Multi-Package Labels

Printer and Scale Integration

Printing Overview

Set Up Printers in Windows

Print a Document

Print a Test Label

Use a USB Scale

Notification and Documents

Print Packing Slips

Advanced Analytics

a) Warehouse

Orders to Pick

Orders Picked

Daily/Monthly Picked Orders

Order Analysis

Orders Shipped

Daily/Monthly Shipped Orders

Orders to Ship

Employee Analysis

Monthly Expenses Breakdown

Pick Performance

Pack Performance

b) Non-Warehouse

Orders To Ship

Orders To Ship v/s Shipped Orders

Orders to Ship By Carrier

Account Management

Add & Edit Users

Set User Permissions and Restrictions

International Shipments

International Shipping with VLC

VLC’s International Settings

Customs Declarations

Print Customs Forms

Other International Options & Forms

Global Advantage Program

Custom Packaging

Custom Package Types

Barcode Actions

Barcode Scanning Overview

View Orders with a Barcode Scan

Search Orders with a Barcode Scan

Verify & Print Shipments with Barcode Scan

UPC and SKU Settings for Barcode Scanning

Batch Orders with a Barcode Scan

Add Barcodes to Packing Slips

Other Barcode Uses

Scan Barcodes with VLC Mobile

General Settings

Third-Party Billing

Setup Carrier Accounts

Dimensions based on setup

Weights and dimensions on items

Posting shipment and Invoice of a BC order from Shipping App

Weight Discrepancy

Setup based rate shop for a specific carrier

Package Contents Label/PDF

Print Posted Documents

Partial Shipments

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