Smart Shipping

1 Which Plan of Business Central is required for Smart Shipping?

Smart Shipping supports Essential and Premium License can fully utilize its functionality.

2 What are the carriers supported in integration?

VLC Smart Shipping allows you to ship small (FedEx, UPS, USPS & SPEEDEE) & LTL (FedEx, UPS) shipment orders.

3 VLC Smart Shipping supports different Editions?

VLC Smart Shipping provides based on Warehouse and Non-Warehouse locations.

4 Does it require another application for end user to perform shipments?

Yes, User frontend application based on ASP.Net Technology provides you to perform all the operations on shipment sales orders of business central.

5 What is the Pricing for Smart Shipping?

Smart Shipping requires one-time installation and setup. To know the pricing structure in-detail please Contact VLC Solutions.

6 Is it a middle tier application?

Yes, its end to end communication between the two systems.

7 Does this work for both Business Central Cloud and On-Premise versions?

Business Central On-premise can use the installed smart shipping and it utilizes external webservices. So please Contact VLC Solutions for Business Central On-premise solution.

8 Do we require any permissions to use this App?

Yes, you need to Assign Permissions to the users to use the Smart Shipping Functionalities.

9 Are all the functionalities of Smart Shipping available in trial version?

To know the smart shipping functionalities, initially we need to setup in Business Central end. For setup please Contact VLC Solutions.

10 How can we contact you for issues like Installing, Processing of App or any other quires?

You can contact us for any queries regarding Application