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Best Maintenance Management Integrations for Dynamics 365

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Your daily maintenance tasks are made easier. VLC eradicates paperwork, allowing you to spend little time scribbling and more time accomplishing tasks.

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Oversee the complete lifecycle of your material assets with a robust maintenance management software system. Our maintenance management application helps you in boosting your asset health and performance by deploying real-time insights, IoT, machine learning, and seasoned, speculative analytics.

Orders of Work

With our maintenance-centric software, you can quickly and conveniently generate, allocate, and oversee Work Orders by yourself or your team. Use comments or notes on Work Orders to properly articulate what must be accomplished.

  • Simple Tracking of Work Order Requests.
  • Fully Accessible Work Order History.
  • Analyze Work Orders.
 Requests for Work Orders

As new requests arrive, develop new Work Orders instantaneously. Give your approval and designate it to your team, leaving a full digital audit log to ensure nothing is missed.

  • Work Orders Based on Request Approval.
  • Never Miss a Work Order Request.
  • Scheduling Recurring Word Order Requests.

Maintenance Procedures

Work with unified and rationalized processes to allot and optimize resources covering employees, equipment, and plant materials along with extensive management of the ecosystem, health, and security data, including incidence response and review.

  • Plant Processes and Planning.
  • Scheduling Periodic Maintenance.
  • Regular Plant Maintenance Implementation.
  • Plan, Program, and Perform Support Processes.
Maintenance based on Forecasting

Move your asset wheel consistently by forecasting, fabricating, and furnishing their well-being by using machine learning and digital double technology. Master the art of maintenance by examining IoT-centric forecasting data, remotely tracking asset and tool performance, and achieving enhanced insights by constructing simulations.

  • Holistic Asset View.
  • Superior and Predictive Data Analytics.
  • Automatic and Scalable Capacity.

Manufacturing and Plant Management

Remodel how support and services professionals extend your equipment and asset life and enhance their authenticity and performance. VLC Maintenance Management application presents online access to situation-based visualizations to permit the easy and timely implementation of comprehensive maintenance management.

  • Work Order Management.
  • Multiple-Device Compatibility.
  • Mobile Plant Management.
Asset Tracking/Intelligence

Rationalize asset performance by assembling and monitoring tool usage data in a central depository. Gather and track equipment information from this central repository. Such a cloud-based business network promotes collaborative asset and maintenance management and enables you to fully exploit the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT). Administrators can access updated support strategies and guidebooks from manufacturers and manufacturers in turn will get instant asset usage and breakdown data.

  • Synergistic Maintenance Management.
  • Centralized Asset Data Depository.
  • Automated Asset Monitoring.

Inventory of Parts

Maintain inventory and parts records and recognize the number of component parts required to complete a Work Order immediately, and ensure you have an adequate stockpile to process the request.

  • Alerts on Lower Inventory Levels.
  • Barcode and QR Scanning.
  • Complete Inventory Reporting.
  • Requisition and Purchase Order Management.
Asset Policy and Execution

Scale and develop the performance of your assets and intensify maintenance procedures. Facilitate asset owners, directors, plant managers, and security engineers to enhance administration while performing maintenance to ease planning and increase accuracy.

  • Asset Data Control.
  • Risk and Severity Evaluation.
  • Crash Modes and Results Summary.

Facility Management

VLC's facility management helps your maintenance personnel to plan not just for today but also for all future contingencies with readiness and resolution. Build transparency and clarity into work orders, cut down on response times for work order fulfillment, streamline all maintenance requests in one place and overcome machine downtime with preventive maintenance.

  • Collaborative Service Environment.
  • Credential and Skill Management.
  • AI-Facilitated Planning and Engineer Enhancement.
Assessments and Checklists

VLC Maintenance Management makes it simple to convey any standard operating guidelines to your team, from pre-functional criteria to security and safety checks.

  • Ease of Accountability and Consistency.
  • Regulatory Compliance with Total Inspection History.
  • Consistency for Passes or Losses.

Customer Service Operations

Unite the entire field assistance control value chain with out-of-the-box technology and profound insights into client demands. Offer a smooth, and reliable customer service experience. The VLC Maintenance Management enables engineers to heighten customer fulfillment with mobile tools, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and the Internet of Things.

  • Scheduling and Transmit of Workforce.
  • Analytics, Reports, and Dashboards.
  • Mobile Field Assistance.
Preventative Maintenance

It has never been easier to perform preventive maintenance. Set up regularly occurring Work Orders just so your team can identify future problems before they cause shutdowns on your resources or hardware.

  • Easily Understandable Reports.
  • Bird's Eye View of Maintenance Tasks.

Reports and Analytics

Take account of what is most important to you and your organization. View the number of Work Orders generated, the number of successful Work Orders, the duration between mistakes, and a lot more.

  • Asset and Tools Tracking.
  • Simple Time and Expense Tracking.
  • Components Inventory Reporting.
  • Reports on Security.
Communication and Collaboration

With built-in chat and posting comments functionalities, you can effectively talk and work with your colleagues. Maintain open channels of contact to expedite work order fulfillment.

  • Seamless Employee Connection.
  • Constant Team Tracking.
  • Quick Sharing of Instructions.

Key Features of VLC Maintenance Management
  • Audit Trail Reports & Information Storage.
  • Fully Stacked Device Library on Preventive Maintenance.
  • Device Status Monitoring.
  • Proactive Maintenance.
  • Maintenance Scheduling and Alarms.
  • Automatic Preventive Maintenance Scheduling.
  • Detailed Device Tracking Data.
  • Device Calibration and Management.
  • Lessened Building and Maintenance Costs.
  • Improved Diagnostics through Complex Charts.

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