VLC Maintenance Management FAQ

1 Licensing Options of BC and VLC Maintenance Management?

VLC Maintenance Management works with BC Premium License Option.

2 What is the Price for VLC Maintenance Management?

There is a One Time Installation and Configuration Professional Service fee and a Monthly Subscription Fee. For Specific details please Contact us.

3 Does BC Cloud and On-Premise work with VLC Maintenance Management?

Yes, BC Cloud and On-Premise Editions works with VLC Maintenance Management.

4 Is VLC Maintenance Management available on Cloud for Trial?

Yes, Please Contact us for demo and trial information.

5 Do you offer Implementation Assistance?

Yes, we do offer Implementation Services for Customers and Partners.

6 Do you offer Post Implementation Support?

Yes, Post Implementation Support is provided by us as well as our partners.

7 What is the Implementation Timeframe for VLC Maintenance Management?

VLC Maintenance Management can be implemented within 4 Days.

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