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Robust Client Onboarding Process:
We at VLC, have embarked upon delivering a smartly satisfying customer service operation right at the outset of client association through an elegantly devised process of client onboarding fanned out along 4 (four) phases as under:
OnBoarding Process Document
Prompt IT Assistance:
The most commonly found technical bugs like a stop dead computer or the failure to connect to the internet, logging in difficulties, an abnormally functioning OS, blank screens, etc., are things that get on one's nerves and also are time-expensive. We, at VLC Solutions, offer a platform to steer clear of such obstacles with ease through full-time access to your company's networks. We also present cost-cutting solutions in terms of advanced restoring functions, software installation, application overhaul, and streamlined cloud services.

IT Service Desk:
As a dedicated service provider, VLC Solutions ensure a smooth workflow when it comes to addressing customer and employee grievances through our window of sustained, and well-trained technicians by the virtue of their seamless assistance via E-mail response system, phone coverage from Monday to Friday, in between 8:00 AM CST to 5:00 PM CST, to solve each and every technical hitch right then and there in the moment and a 24/7/365 email support to address emergencies.

In-House Aid:
Despite the virtualization of problem resolving through cloud networking, there is a scope for a diverse variety of technical hindrances that demand on-site resolutions. A technician is always sent through to redress such demanding grievances from VLC Solutions. Periodic on-site services are also arranged to deal with persistent problems. Choose a customized on-site service plan that is tailored out to meet your needs.

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