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Commercial & OEM wire machinery manufacturers among the highest number of companies with a Mixed-manufacturing profile and they work with some of the most delivery in the value chain. Manufacturers must also keep pace with long sales cycles, complex cost structures and supply chains, rising material and transportation cost and demanding compliance obligations. In addition, many manufacturers have grown from delivering machinery and components to becoming full-service providers. Designing, producing, and installing components remains the primary focus, but adding services and representing OEM products has enabled manufacturers to become single-source providers in a fast-paced and global industry.

When competition is stiff and margins are under pressure, an IT solution must deliver must more than functional capabilities. Manufacturers also need the flexibility that lets them respond when competition is stiff and margins are under pressure, an IT solution must deliver must more than functional capabilities. Manufacturers also need the flexibility that lets them respond quickly to new developments, without being limited by systems constraints.

VLC Commercial & OEM Machinery
Can help you meet VLC customer demand faster response and service, streamline processes, and improve internal procedures in a lean environment. Flexible capabilities support highly specific business processes, including integration with engineering, flexible quotations, cash business flow in a product-based environment, and after—marked field service and spare parts delivery. This end-to-end solution integrates smoothly with proven to facilitate smooth deployment, a familiar user experience, and connections with existing IT investments.

Achieve real-world result
Commercial & OEM machinery Manufacturers have achieved significant result by implementing the VLC solutions including:
  • Reductions Inventory levels and associated cost.
  • Improved customer response satisfaction in sales and after-sales.
  • Generate visibility across project phases and improved collaboration across teams.
  • Operational performance that fuels fast, accurate production and delivery, which in turn drives your ability to win new business and enable growth.

Optimize Business Processes
Designed for engineer-to-order (ETO), make-to-order (MTO), configure-to-order (CTO), assemble-to (ATO) or hybrid manufacturers, the VLC Solutions helps you master business processes that include:

  • Quote Management.
  • Product Data Management.
  • Product Lifecycle Management.
  • Concurrent Engineering.
  • Collaboration with External Systems (CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM).
  • Custom Builds or Configurations.
  • Project-Based Manufacturing.
  • Quality assurance and Control.
  • Document Management.
  • IP Management.
  • Spare Parts Handling.
  • Managing Sub-contracted Work.
  • Lean Principles.
  • MRO, Field Service Management, and Warranties.
  • Planning and Scheduling Tasks.
  • Engineering Change Management.
  • Complex Costing.

Key Business Challenges
Like most manufacturers of industrial equipment and components, commercial & OEM Machinery manufactures must keep pace with ongoing technology changes demanding customer's needs, cost pressures, and compressed delivery cycles. In addition, companies, like yours, often work with mixed manufacturing modes and diverse business models. For example, you may deal with unique, complex machinery development and installation common to an engineer-to-order manufacturing mode.

Time constraints affect your ability to create flexible, detailed, and complete quotations for customers. The pressure to move faster than the competition impacts the development, prompt delivery, and installation of equipment. In addition, your organization needs to efficiently manage a long-term product lifecycle, including original design, engineering modification, retrofits, extensions, and refurbishing of existing machinery.

Effective collaboration is vital to managing cross-functional internal and/or external design teams. Your ability to meet expectations for manufacturing, execution, and delivery depends on and easy information exchange and interaction for customer, suppliers, and sub-contractors.

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