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efficient planning and execution for all phases

The VLC Solutions enable efficient planning and execution for all phases of installation, including
  • Availability (ATP) and lead-time for standard, one-off, spare parts, and non-standard materials to ensure accurate inventory.
  • Capacity (CTP) for equipment, tools, and sub-contractors to optimize scheduling and delivery.
  • High-level and granular control for work orders, including the ability to create and manage multiple versions of documents.

After-Sales Service
After acceptance of the installed, tested, and inspected machinery, the contract is mostly, complete. Installed machinery is now taken over by the service department for proactive maintenance and repair during the product lifecycle.

The VLC Solutions Service Management can meet the needs of your specific situation. In some cases, Service Management is used for both first-level customer support and second-level partner support, including the management of warranties. In other cases, first-level customer support may be outsourced. The world of commercial & OEM machinery is built in vast global network of partners, who may operate as a department within your own organization, or as a third party distribution or dealer network. Regardless the business model, The VLC Solution can support all your services activities.

Depending on contractual obligation, all or some parts are including in a warranty procedure. With the VLC Solution, all costs of repair and coverage are visible and can be used for analysis purposes. Planning for all activities based on priority, skills, time and contractual obligations is part of the services management solution.

Requirements for an installation go well beyond the proper functioning of delivered machinery. Ongoing, local maintenance and support during use can also be part of the job. With the VLC Solution, all of your company's work orders, and those of contracted employees. Will be maintained as part of the total picture.

  • Work order can be created for ad-hoc services calls or via scheduled maintenance.
  • The integral planning process is based on priority, skills, time, and contractual obligations.
  • When the work order is a result of a planned task or concerns a known problem during the service Call, related spare parts are linked to the work order.
  • Worked order in process can report back time and material via the web or personal devise. These devices can also be used to order materials for a work order.

Spare parts

Spare parts can be delivered as parts of a planned maintenance work order, as part of a repair, as a planned delivery (moving parts), or by customer order. Regardless the delivery mode, all parts are visible during the entire product lifecycle, including replacements and refurbishment.

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