Quote – Bid – Tender

Customer expectations in Manufacturing

Quote – Bid – Tender:
The core business process for commercial & OEM machinery Manufacturers stars with the quotation, (did/tender). A question is not just the initial expressions of a sales order, but a process in itself Depending on the complexity of the question, the content evolves over time and involves multiple roles.

With the VLC Solution, Lifecycle and work follow for quotation, including the approval process, is custom-defined and reflects the complexity of the quotation. New quotations can be created as new, as a copy of existing quote, or inherited from a template. Changes to accepted quotations are managed by versions, enabling easy analysis at any time.

  • Quotation including as user-defined work breakdown structure that defines all component--time, products, additional material and cost and more. Creating a quotation is easy and fit-for-purpose, ensuring both speed and accuracy.
  • The use of pre-defined template streamlines execution for contracts. Template definition can ensure and compliance with local justifications and regular regulation and the style (format and content) your customer requires.
  • Engineering and product-related information, along with Financial Conditions, including in the questions Equipped with a direct overview of the financial consequences, you can create and send precise quotes to prospects. Quotations also can be viewed from within in your CRM System.
  • The definition of a product as part of a quotation, from a standard project to all full installation of a plant can be built out from multiple components, whether product needs engineering or straightforward configuration.

The VLC Solutions also offers a built-in configuration that integrates with ERP and CRM information and process. With minimal effort, you can shape a complete product offering that including specifications, sales, conditions (buy, rent, lease), and service components.

When the configuration process is complete, the specification can be transferred to the PEM/PLM environment for use during construction, installation and service processes.

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