Product Lifecycle Management

Drive speed and Quality control across your entire supply chain


Streamline product lifecycle

Meat Complex, Industry specific requirements with integrated PDM and PLM, from the early stages of design and engineering for new products, through maintenance and repair of the installed base in its latest version. A fully integrated ECR and ECO process simplifies product changes and version management.

Meet customer demand for one-time and complete delivery

Optimize the quote-to Cash process by quickly and accurately creating estimates. Predict and schedule capacity and requirement for a flexible and lean construction phase. Monitor cost and progress using dashboard and flexible analysis to ensure on-time and complete deliveries.

Improve operational performance

A project-based Approach to manufacturing deliveries a complete overview of work-to-execute phases, along with the ability to manage concurrent engineering and procurement for items with a long lead time. Reduce inventory levels and associated cast with access to real-time information for work in progress and planned service calls.

Build an enterprise-wide collaboration network

Conduct design and engineering information and processes with bi-directional interrogation to existing CAD/CAM cm and PDM systems. Optimize collaboration for suppliers, sub-contractors, and customers through electronic information exchange, including EDI orders and contracts, ECR, and service request.

Smoothly manage the after sales process

VLC efficiency – and control costs – with accurate planning of spare parts and a complete view of all calls. Structures of commercial manufactures of commercial & OEM Machinery are among the highest number of companies with a mixed - Manufacturing models, and they work some of the most diverse business models in the value chain the vertical range can span OEM, specialized machinery, and contractor-based manufacturing (for example, air-conditioning manufactures or valve products).

When competition is stiff and margins are under pressure, IT Solutions must deliver much more than functional capabilities. Today's manufacturers also need agility that lets them respond quickly to new developments and maintain competitive edge, without being limited by system constraints.

VLC Commercial & OEM Machinery and Parts for manufacturer proven capability for meeting specific industry needs, including VLC customer demand for fast response and service, streamlined processes, and internal procedures that create a truly lean environment.


Product Lifecycle Support
  • Manage the entire product lifecycle, from early design until obsolescence.
    • customize product information by category for use across the entire organization.
Integration with CAD and PLM/PDM
  • Create design and engineering documentation automatically by seamlessly integrating with existing CAD & PDM systems.
Engineering Change management

Manage document versions and document information change by implementing an ECR and ECO Management process. Design and optimize workflow and flexible business rules for your organization. Integrate with PLM/PDM systems.

Fast and complete quotations

Create estimates (quotation, did, tender) quickly and accurately, using a variety of business templates realized customer order can be used as the basis for a new quotation. Design easy to use for breakdown templates for your organization

ECPI Contracts

Manage EPCI contracts using contract templates and a detailed work breakdown structure tailored to customer regulatory compliance requirements.

Complete Document Management

Create flexible documents, without compromising compliance requirements, for direct to use manage document versions and use them on demand.

Products and Sales Configurator

Implement modular manufacturing with a built-in product and sales configuration. Configure products Via Web browser using graphical tools and flexible rules.

Project-Based Construction

Manage the contract lifecycle with a project based-construction approach. Create full visibility across the entire process, including planning, costs, and progress.

End-to-End Planning
  • Manage the full range of planning activities across the supply chain, including:
    • Support multiple conveyor systems with a signal integration.
    • Availability (ATP) and lead time for standard, one-off, spare parts, and non- standard materials to ensure accurate inventory.
    • Capacity (CTP) for equipment, tools, employees, and sub-contractors to optimize scheduling and delivery.
    • All phases of project planning.

Streamline procurement with an end-to-end process that includes all requisitions, vendor comparison and selection, and integrated purchase processes.

After-Sales Support

Improve maintenance and repair capabilities with company-wide access to product information, warranties, service contracts, returns, and services calls. Plan and schedule services calls, preventive maintenance and spare parts delivery

Maintenance repair and overhaul

Manage MRO contracts and jobs, regardless their size and scope.

Plant Maintenance (CMMS)

Efficiently monitor and maintain all shop floor equipment and tools to reduce costs and optimize production output.


Exchange information across items with all business partners-customers, suppliers, sub-contractor-electronically.

Global Support

Ensure compliance with local jurisdiction. Extend global reach with support for multiple languages.

Integration with familiar Microsoft product

Maximize technology investment by taking advantage of tight integration with Microsoft SQL Server ® the 2007 Microsoft Office Systems, Microsoft SharePoint ® technologies, and Microsoft BizTalk ® Server.

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