Centralized Information Management | Flexible Specification Management

Manufacturing Information and Processes

Centralized Information Management
The VLC solution includes product Centre, to role-based collaboration tool for employees who work with products during the entire lifecycle. As the company-wide content management system, it holds all product-related information-product description, specification, references, classifications, pictures, multi-level bills of materials, drawings,-and more in a structured and flexible environment.

Products are stored by category and business rules, making it easy to define product lifecycle management and ensure efficient management of procurement, inspection, engineering changes and service. Product Centre also can be used to structure product catalogs for global items data management ideal for an International network of companies and design team. Information in the product Centre can be maintained by individual users are through interaction between product Center and external systems, such as CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM systems, or supplier product catalogs.

Flexible Specification Management
Engineering department needs fast, flexible access to product information for dedicated specifications. The Solution enables users to organize product specifications according to specific needs. An unlimited number of specifications and formulas can be defined by product category product and by individual serial number. New specification can be defined quickly by the category manager, along with replacements and alternative that optimize product searches.

Change management
In some cases, Product specification changes are included as part of the definition and require no specific action. However, if you need to track every change during the entire lifecycle of the product, the challenge is daunting-- changes can range from simple document changes to full revision and refurbishments, with consequences for the installed base of the missionary that used the new/changed component.

Engineering change requests can be launched at any stage of the product lifecycle. Workflow for managing requests enables a smooth qualification and approved the process that involves the right people. When request results in Engineering change order, the process for designing, inspecting, and managing work follow for the change is entirely configurable.

And Engineering change order can be executed as a simple list of the task or as an entire project, depending on your organization's needs.

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