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Multimedia for Business Marketing

Multimedia can be defined as a distinctive, engaging and interactive presentation of data using an aggregation of text, audio, video, graphics, and animation. In simple words, Multimedia is a digital means of conferring information by blending textual data, audio, visuals, graphics, and attractive animations.

At VLC, our multimedia experts help you employ HD video encoding and streaming services to cover your viewers on their devices. VLC can help you enhance your content visibility and performance while also assisting you in content protection with adequate digital rights management.

Develop Content Visibility and Performance
Grow the visibility of your audio and visual content by instantly obtaining seasoned metadata. Improve your apps with modern modes of discoverable content like verbal words, written text, faces, speakers, etc.

Maintain a Modern Content Delivery Channel
Produce a spectrum of media source files, content streaming, and security setups to consumer technologies. We help you to deliver content by the application of the best industry standards such as HTML5, media source extensions, and encrypted media extensions and by rendering an improved and adaptive cloud streaming experience.

Expand Delivery Based On Your Incremental Needs
Perform live broadcasts of a city hall or business meeting, an online webinar, or a big sports game to any online public. VLC, along with our cloud services, can handle fans of all sizes while you get to monitor the attributes of the outgoing video live stream, such as the recording length and whether or not spectators can begin the live stream, etc.

Securing Your Content
Distribute content powerfully encrypted with Advanced Encryption Standards or your selection of conventional DRM systems. VLC also presents AES ciphers and DRM permits to accredited customers. Our multimedia services offer instinctive personalization and management features, empowering you to exercise and refine selective models to promote accuracy.

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