Onboarding and Offboarding Services

The Importance of Employee IT Onboarding and Offboarding

The First Glimpse
If you own a start-up, foundation, or innovative company, you know that your greatest asset is your workforce. They must be able to function successfully and efficiently from the moment they are hired.

Tools and Instruction
There is an HR team to handle the hiring and terminating process, and competent management is ready to inspire fantastic skills to perform. However, what about all of the technical tools and training they require to succeed? This is where we can help with both onboarding and Offboarding in this situation.

Have Initial Employee Inquiries? We are here for that reason
We'll make sure your new hire has all they require to be successful. We're here to make things simpler for them from the first time they open their laptop to the final time they shut it.

Some of the elements of our onboarding and Offboarding service are listed below
A new employee's first day of work should be devoted to orientation and getting to know their co-workers and not struggling with their brand-new work laptop. We'll make sure everything is operational, including the software they require for work, as well as their usernames and passwords.

Installation of Devices
We engage closely with clients to find out what they want and need. Do you want the gadgets to be fully customized and set up before being sent to users? Would you like to deliver the computers directly to the user with as little human interaction as possible? We have your back.

Individual Onboarding
We collaborate with you to ensure that the appropriate apps are distributed to the relevant users. Your design team shouldn't have access to accounting services, and your finance team might not need the most recent versions of Adobe software.

Full Ease
We want the first day of work for your new employees to go smoothly and without worry. They won't have to spend the first-day installing software and creating accounts because their gadget will already be configured and ready to use.

Premium, Tailor-made Approach
We can provide customized training for your new users. They will learn about their device, its necessary features, and how to get in touch with us for assistance. Additional training in order to feel productive also can be scheduled without difficulty.

Ably Managed
Your users' gadgets need to be properly managed in the background, as there is scope for numerous issues to arise in a hybrid functioning setup. A device might be taken from a coffee shop, an airport, or even if a beverage was spilled. We guarantee that all equipment is encrypted, backed up, and fully secured.

Moving Forward Safely
A start-up's life includes onboarding and Offboarding. People come and go, and occasionally you have to let several people go at once as you reassemble your team in preparation for a shift in the system. The security of the data on your work gadgets should be the last thing on your mind.

We ensure that devices are secure and encrypted during offboarding, and we can retrieve your assets so they can be deleted and used later. We aim to make the offboarding process as easy as on the first day.

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