Inspection Management for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central FAQ

1 Which Plan of Business Central is required for VLC Inspection Management??

VLC Inspection Management supports Essential and Premium License can fully utilize its functionality.

2 What permission set required for VLC Inspection Management?

Apart from existing permission they need VLC APP MGMT ADMIN, VLC INSP.

3 Does it require to interact with any external web services to work?


4 What is the Pricing for VLC Inspection Management?

The Price is $75.00 per month for a Business Central Tenant.

5 Does this Work for both Business Central Cloud and On-premise versions?

Yes, please Contact us for Business Central On-premise solution.

6 Are all the functionalities of VLC Inspection Management available in trial version?

Yes, you can use all the functionalities of the VLC Inspection Management in trial version.

7 How can we contact you for issues like Installing, Processing of App or any other queries?

You can Contact us for any queries regarding Application

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