Inspection Management & Quality Management System

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VLC Inspection Management is a comprehensive Inspection Management System, fully ready-to-deploy in nature and highly agile in its setup and regulation. You can ensure seamless incoming inspection and cut down risk with VLC Quality Management. Enhancing customer satisfaction and securing supply chain stock availability starts with quality material inputs. VLC's quality inspection helps you handle the complex trial of driving incoming quality control. Our risk-based workflow streamlines your incoming inspection processes and assures that you inspect and examine the right products from relevant suppliers at the most critical time.
  • Mitigate supplier-related risk
  • Effectively control your high-risk materials suppliers
  • Define a sampling system to track supplier performance
  • Optimize the supplier base with quality data and insights
  • Define, approve, and control incoming inspections plans
  • Manage product quality inspection
  • Inspection processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • Integrate with existing business systems
  • Property management inspection
  • Monitor delivery and inspection trends
  • Automatic scheduling and email notifications on incoming quality trends
  • Secure Inspection Data Management
Currently, the system is deployed to forward quotes, program inspectors, acquisition, stock levels, maintaining equipment calibrations, report writing, tracking inspector status, and examining loopholes. It also assists you in observing your high-risk suppliers and materials, establishes a sampling method, and empowers you to follow supplier performance, granting you the needed data and insights to enhance your supplier base and eventually cut down your costs on quality.
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