Manufacturing Growth Goal

Manufacturing growth through resource productivity

When a contract is signed, the information gathered during the quotation process is relevant to departments for action. Some parts need to be procured instantly due to long delivery lead times, while other contract positions can be slated for additional engineering prior to ordering parts. This process is ongoing and can be executed even when other elements of the contract are under construction. At the same time, partners receive the information they need, the back office can create invoices, and management can build detailed plants for coordinating all activities.

Construction includes activities that span manufacturing new components, assembling purchased parts, or testing finished parts, depending on the contract.

Project-Based Construction
A standard, linear production process cannot meet complex requirement for construction commercial & OEM machinery. The flexibility needed to support a concurrent engineering environment and provide optimal visibility is best managed using a project-based approach. The VLC Solution enables organizations to take full advantage of a project-based approach to custom manufacturing.

The total overview of activities and the flow of information across all lines of business are managed from one central location. All roles working on a project can easily track items and progress through the production lifecycle.

The project-based approach also enables you to split the process into smaller, dedicated project for related activities. The in turn enables individual monitoring of planning, procurement, cost and progress for activities that need special attention, including the management of sub-contracted work.

The information required for all overview of the project can be adjusted to the needs of your organization, minimizing data overload.

The VLC Solution enables your organization to design construction process tailored to your capabilities. The solution will grow alongside your business and give you the agility you need to implement project management models that align with lean manufacturing principles.

The installation process is rarely a single defined workflow. Parts of the machinery can be delivered to the final destination and built up locally, or the finished machinery can be delivered as a whole. Depending on your business model, you may use a streamlined delivery mode, with a network of authorized partners managing the local installation. Coordination, planning and management are essential to securing prompt and on-time delivery. Document management plays a key role in the installation process, since all documentation will be released and is often shipped with the installation.

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