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Prominent Online Retail Business Eases Inventory Use with VLC

Prominent Online Retail Business Eases Inventory Use with VLC

The Retailer could cut reorder processes by at least half, greatly improving efficiencies. Owing to the growing quantum of transactional data, the scenario for inventory usage in mid to large-sized enterprises has become unmanageable. One of VLC’s clients, a regional retailer of food, clothing, toys and other products has hundreds

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Business Central is Central for Modern Businesses

Why Business Central is Central for Modern Businesses?

Modern businesses of today’s age are faced with varied challenges as and when new business models keep disrupting the existing industries. The rate of change has also accelerated, and therefore, businesses need to stay ever-resilient in order to become efficient in catering to their customer demands. They also must cultivate

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Microsoft partners with Shopify to expand Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem

Microsoft collabs with Shopify to extend the landscape of Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is coupling with Shopify to assist their customers in building a more enjoyable shopping experience. Shopify equips retailers with its on-the-fly e-commerce solution while Dynamics 365 Business Central extends an extensive suite of business enterprise management over the domains of investment, commerce, service, and operations

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Importance of Internal Quality Audits

The Importance of Internal Quality Audits

What is Quality Auditing?Quality auditing is the well-organized investigation of a company’s quality management system (QMS). It is generally performed by an in-house or external quality auditor or an audit team. It is considered to be a vital element of the ISO 9001, AS9100, and ISO 13485 quality standards. Internal

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Tool Management

Tool Management Case Study

The Customer:The customer is a well-known manufacturer of impression die hot metal forgings, traditionally converged on serving customers in the Heavy Truck and Off-Highway Vehicle, Light Truck & Automotive, Fluid Control, and Ordnance industries. They have been in business for more than 150 years with dedicated tool & die design,

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Quality Management

The 5 True Qualities of Quality Management

Quality Management is essentially a solution that lets businesses maintain and upgrade the quality of their products and processes. This is done to enhance customer loyalty and achieve customer satisfaction. An adequate quality management solution is bound to save on customer satisfaction costs while also helping shape renewed customer strategies.

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Magento Connector

VLC Magento Connector: Streamlining Shopping Experiences

In today’s world of all-encompassing online transactions, the need to address customer experiences has gained immense significance for e-commerce dealers. The importance meted out to individual customer requirements and taking care of every whim and fancy adds up to the eventual memorable shopping experience, which is bound to bring back

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Smart Shipping

How Smart Shipping Software is becoming the New Fad in Shipping Businesses

Getting smarter has become the order of the day. From mobile phones to cities and applications to devices, everything is jostled within the ambit of smartness. And, it is for all the good reasons. Technological advancements have witnessed a steep rise as the world steps into a truly new realm

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VLC Apps and Extensions

Microsoft AppSource and VLC Team’s Up to Launch Smart Apps and Extensions

Fruitful Collaboration of VLC and Smart App source Renders Seamless Production Processes, Security and Overall Optimization VLC Solutions is a worldwide provider of the best-in-class process preparation, forecasting, and rationalization services. VLC has successfully fabricated the smooth integration of our smart tools with Microsoft App Source software’s. This brand-new amalgam

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E-Commerce Solutions with Business Central

VLC E-Commerce Solutions with Business Central

VLC teams up with Business Central to help businesses stimulate E-Commerce supply chain value savings and boost operational efficiency with actionable data insights. The current upsurges in the E-Commerce sector are generating fresh possibilities for businesses that promptly spin themselves to understand and engage their customers better while also adjusting

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