VLC Smart Shipping & Warehouse Management with Business Central helps a Prominent Mosquito Eradication Company Elevate Business Processes 

Mosquito Eradication in conventional ways has begun to see a redundancy. Not just in terms of slapping or spraying, but also using a myriad of other natural ways. At this juncture, our customer, who is a quickly growing service company, has brought about a revolution by coming up with a pro-tech product that helps control pests in house or work environments quite effectively. They rely on a DIY, practical, long-lasting, steady pest-killing product that lasts up to a month without needing batteries or electricity.

The customer deals with bulk loads of orders, and since they are still developing, they encountered different challenges regarding warehouse management and shipping orders. Manual entry of tracking numbers after processing shipments in the shipment carriers was a big problem. Processing each order shipment separately in each carrier requires more processing time and incurs higher costs. Apart from this, stock levels also had to be manually supervised, leading to efficiency issues.

When the customer had reached out to VLC to address their efficiency concerns, we were aptly sure about the solution that could exactly cater to their needs. What they essentially needed was a system that could help them streamline their entire chain of operations right from warehousing to supply chain and order delivery or shipping.

With these things in mind, VLC Solutions offered them a robust implementation of VLC Smart Shipping and VLC Smart Warehouse Management. Both of these are platforms that work with seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which is a great supplementary boost in operations management.

VLC Smart Shipping application tightly integrates with Business Central and automatically updates tracking numbers in the sales orders. With the help of VLC Smart Shipping, the customer can now rely on fewer clicks, process shipments at a faster pace, and ship more orders daily. Earlier, they could not process batch orders as they depended on manual entries. But with VLC’s batch shipment process they can now process multiple orders without any user interaction.

Syncing stock levels became much easier with an accurate number of items shipping through the VLC smart shipping application. Also, the rate shop feature helped them reduce their overall shipping costs with the best packing options and low-cost ship carrier method. Additionally, tracking numbers directly helped update sales orders and eased the process by redirecting to the carrier websites.

Before our implementation, partial processing of orders was not possible. But now, the customer, through the VLC smart shipping, can create a way to process partial orders. Further, they are able to circumvent high charges on wrong shipments with the address validation feature that minimizes the penalty costs on invalid addresses.

Also, VLC Smart Warehouse Management equipped them with the capacity to fulfill all the warehouse management operations needed for receipts, put-aways, movements, picks and physical inventory through mobile devices. Label reprinting was not available previously, but now the customer could reprint the labels any number of times.