VLC Successfully helps a Renowned Defense Contractor in Digital Transformation 

One of VLC’s distinguished customers in the defense contractor manufacturing business has thrived for over eight decades by continually growing its manufacturing abilities to build the best-quality products imaginable. Today, their products and services are trusted globally. VLC was selected to transform the existing IT operations-only infrastructure into a Digital strategic Asset. We planned to construct a safe, scalable, and compliant infrastructure. This enabled them to be grown quickly by capitalizing on digital transformation by converting IT operations into strategic assets to boost productivity, increase value, reduce expenses, and strengthen compliance.

Business Integration with IT Challenges:
We have helped them successfully implement a strategic approach with a clear understanding of digital transformation along with the federal government’s focal points and regulatory climate. This allowed the company to find critical points in its ecosystem and tune them towards better compliance. This method offered faith in their capacity for scalable growth within the Defense Industrial Base.

However, with time, the company took over vast technical infrastructure, thus rendering a huge IT debt- a vital concern that can interfere with business operations and the company’s capacity for innovation.

What We Offered:
When our customer’s infrastructure grew, we offered an overall approach towards balance and alignment in skills and structure. For the dream of scaling up manufacturing, a primary need was to encompass digital value creation. The company’s digital dependency was rapidly growing, both strategically and operationally. It was also identified that rapid technological change was a threat to their business along with increasing competition. 

For this, the company’s Information Technology has been categorized into eight different domains. The domains were Architecture, Cybersecurity, Data, Emerging Technologies, IT Operations, Regulation, Risk Management, and Third-Party.

VLC measured the digital transformation journey in different stages, starting with Emergence, Development, Maturity, and Optimization within each domain. We began our journey at the Emerging stage and are currently in the Maturing Stage. The company’s growing digital dependence is vital to maintain the maturing stage and navigate towards the optimized stage.

The Aiding Platforms:
The platforms implemented by VLC: FEDRAMP Certified cloud Solutions encouraged the business to migrate the IT ecosystems swiftly and with robust compliance. Furthermore, we along with the customer preferred FEDRAMP-certified solutions as their platform due to their capacity to meet CMMC 2.0 technical compliance requirements and the power to address sensitive information such as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI). Consequently, this CMMC 2.0 Level 2 Solution aided the client’s business in letting their users leverage the platform to its maximum potential without compromising on compliance needs.

Upshots Thereafter:
Addressing the technical debt created by mushrooming IT infrastructure can be arduous. Yet, VLC Solutions was keen to take up the challenge, and we have proven to be reliable each time. Implementing our solutions has readied our customers to helm forthcoming IT developments to quickly prototype fresh technology innovations and growth capacities for their users. Finally, the collaboration with VLC Solutions has set aside an excellent example for digital transformation, security, and compliance in the Defense Industrial Base.

If you, too, are looking for a trusted, reliable partner for implementing dynamic business solutions in terms of migration, digital transformation, compliance, scalability, and streamlining overall business operations, VLC is here for you. Write to us today about your needs, and one of our experts shall get in quick touch with you.