VLC helps a Prominent Automobile Parts Manufacturer Streamline Warehouse Operations with Varied Technology

The Customer:
Our customer specializes in producing automobile brake parts with a global distribution channel. They are a TS 16949 certified business and continue to build on their successes with a concrete foundation employing over 300 distinctive team members to ensure strict processes. The company prides itself on healthy and positive workplace culture and is noted worldwide for its outstanding product quality and great service. 

The Challenges:
Our customer was facing concerns about stabilizing the worker retention rate post the COVID-19 pandemic. They also had problems offering and maintaining a steady and all-pervasive training of the temporary and new task workers in the pandemic’s remote-work ecosystem. This had led to a direct increase in the company’s overall productivity downtime causing disruptions in everyday business operations. As a well-functioning enterprise, our customer was also facing challenges in their supply chain. Other challenges were operating stock movements, sustaining the visibility of all transactions and storage, and upholding staff safety. Our help was followed by a transformation of their warehouse technology that boosted productivity and furnished a safer workplace.

The Customer Story:
The use of technology already underpinned the processes within our customer warehouse. They used mobile-computing technology to drive the everyday warehouse tasks. This proved to be a fantastic tool for staff; however, their logistics manager marked a few challenges when the Warehouse was in the process to move from 2 physical locations into a single largest warehouse.

The company noticed a considerable number of users needed their Picking and product movements to complete a transaction. This took up a lot of precious time and was also creating a safety problem as the staff was distracted by the time spent operating the existing devices. Their business operations include handling heavy items that demand two-handed picking, which cannot be done with a device already in hand. They further identified another productivity and security issue due to the need to move the mobile device away from the workers’ hands to let them pick up goods better. Additionally, the mobile devices were coming close to their end of life due to an unsupported operating system. 

Apart from these, the COVID-19 pandemic loomed in early 2020, eliciting a significant shift for their entire business. Due to the lockdowns, the company offered free shipping for online orders. Consequently, this augmented sales and persuaded the warehouse to become more productive.

The Solution:
Our customer’s team is progressive in their thought and stays up-to-date with the most delinquent technology available in the supply chain. These include robotics, AI, and voice solutions, which were observed for their benefit. Their Logistics Manager wanted to procure new mobile devices for their new warehouse. Our team at VLC demonstrated that it was the right time to shift to an Android-based mobile device. That would help unlock new functionalities that could handle some of the other challenges being encountered in their warehouse.

The first step was to Implement a Wireless network throughout this new warehouse and help migrate their mobile app. to the Android operating system. Along with using the VLC Smart Warehouse Management modern business application. This platform facilitates a simple transformation of conventional, green screen applications to a much current, touch-stimulated layout with cameras and without a single line of code. This meant that adopting the new devices within their existing warehouse could happen in days instead of months.

This enhanced their productivity, thus rendering greater usability. Simplified processes were streamlined in the application to decrease the number of keystrokes. Still, the next step was recreating their warehouse procedures and opening up new productivity and safety improvements. The assortment of more functional and streamlined application screens and updated mobile hardware has made warehouse management for the on-site worker much simpler and faster.

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