VLC Magento Connector: Streamlining Shopping Experiences

In today’s world of all-encompassing online transactions, the need to address customer experiences has gained immense significance for e-commerce dealers. The importance meted out to individual customer requirements and taking care of every whim and fancy adds up to the eventual memorable shopping experience, which is bound to bring back the customer to the same shopping portal, therefore strengthening the string of retention.

To ensure that this happens, as an e-commerce business, one should aptly recognize the vitality of a dynamic and comprehensive digital commerce platform such as Magento Commerce. Magento Commerce is one of the world’s leading digital commerce platforms that help e-commerce firms create unique, infinite, and engaging shopping experiences for buyers. It aids in innovation, scalability, and in achieving remarkable growth with the advantages of Magento.

A platform that can induce Magento Commerce along with intelligent business growth solutions such as Dynamics 365 and Business Central can take your e-commerce store long miles ahead in building holistic business success.

VLC Magento Connector:

VLC Magento Connector facilitates Microsoft Dynamics 365, Business Central, and Magento e-Commerce web-store to be connected with comprehensive, two-track integration to get your e-commerce store up and about. It comes with real-time data on merchandise, inventories, and more. It is a complete integration supporting schedule-centric syncing of data as well.

Sales, Prices, and Inventory Management:

  • Easily send new product data and updates from Business Central to Magento.
  • Send product inventories classified by warehouse location from Magento to Business Central to exhibit real-time inventory status on your website.
  • Synchronize Tier prices of products (customer group-wise sales prices) from Business Central to Magento.

Order Management:

  • Promote guest customer checkout, which drives guest customer information into Business Central and order information with a default guest customer and generates sales order in Business Central.
  • Push web orders from Magento straight into Business Central and generate sales orders in Business Central.
  • Send sales order shipment status to Magento from Business Central when a sales order shipment is posted.
  • Send the tracking number from Business Central to Magento along with the shipment status.
  • Send the sales order invoice status to Magento from Business Central to capture payment in Magento when a sales order invoice is posted.

Customers and Customer Address Management:

  • Full integration (two-track) of customers and customer’s addresses (multiple billing and shipping addresses).
  • Push web customer registrations from Magento right into Business Central as customers.
  • Comprehensive management of varied web customer addresses synchronization with Business Central from Magento.
  • The existing customers from Business Central can be sent and synced with Magento.

Payment, Shipping and Tax:

  • Synchronize web payment data from Magento into the Business Central.
  • Gain the ability to map payment methods of both Magento and Business Central.
  • Secure the capacity to map shipping agents and shipping agent services of both Magento and Business Central.
  • Send Taxes and Shipping Charges information to Business Central from Magento along with the sales order information.

In addition to the above, an intelligent digital commerce platform such as VLC Magento Connector helps you to administer innovative and dynamic operations, handle streamlined shopping throughout and lets you accomplish your business goals with confidence by producing meaningful business contacts.

Talk to us today and we can understand your needs in detail to map out the perfect business solution for you.