Spreadsheets to Business Central

Starting as a new business or start-up and switching to newer areas of business operations are two completely different journeys. For beginners who are baby-stepping into the new world of business, easy and freely available resource planning applications and technology is without doubt, a deal worth a diamond mine.

This is simply because you have fewer clients to appease and appreciate. However, as your enterprise solutions begin to gain traction, tackling your ever-expanding customer base, managing the endless fresh-load of financial deals, keeping track of critical data insights and streamlining the overall business operations can make you feel a bit under the weather.

Let’s explore this in more detail, shall we?

Spreadsheets: The Insider Story

Assume there’s a new player who is up-coming in a certain business arena. They would want to make the budget worthwhile by cutting down on all resources which might seem a bit extravagant to go with the debut.

When it comes to recording data, figures and progress, Spreadsheets would strike a pocket-friendly chord, without having to worry about the quality ensued. For most enterprises, Spreadsheets can be availed as a free and readily available option, with very little training required.

While this seems to be perfect, the advantages entailed are short-lived and won’t get you to speed on in the long-run. Let me explain.

How sheer reliance on Spreadsheets backfires:

Even if yours is a small business, depending on Spreadsheets is not going to answer all your woes. Only using Spreadsheets in the first place can prove to become your biggest one at that! With booming customer interests, Increase in Inventory, quote to cash or procure to pay your team are set to grow..

What then? With no scope of internal collaborative sharing, Spreadsheets maintenance of a master worksheet for each new client will become weary and impractical for all good reasons. There would be chaos on which team member is working on which task and you shall end up with different versions of the truth, reeking of errors!

Why Business Central?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a single, resilient, comprehensive solution for an all-encompassing business strategy. You can rationalize your business procedures, make bolder choices, and expedite business growth with Dynamics 365 Business Central- a solution devised for businesses of all sizes!

Dynamics 365 Business Central is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system from Microsoft. You can get budget-friendly, targeted, and time-bound service delivery with it through its grand suite of the best ERP features in different segments such as data storage & transfer, compliance adherence, warehouse management, supply chain management, sales, service enhancement and effective customer management.

One study says that you could save up to 93% in IT capital about numerous apps for maintaining and upgrading purposes, by using a robust ERP software like Business Central. This will also let you reduce manual costs and spreadsheet-based processes by up to 70%! This is a huge difference-maker.
You get to make persuasive and productive decisions with the help of contemporary insights on project status, profitableness, and real-time data metrics on resource utilization with a database that serves to be a central resource for everything. You can efficiently cut down on errors caused by unstructured manual entries, automate routine tasks, save time, and lead to more dynamic business decision making.

Concluding Remarks

Business Central also offers the scope for growing companies that are swiftly acquiring new customers to scale easily. Therefore, when you stumble across fresh opportunities, a cloud-based, data-enabled ERP system like Business Central will help you make dynamic changes to the essence of your company. You will soon come to understand how the end to end management and next-gen insights-based operations can powerfully expedite your business progress.