Meet Double – “The Second-Best Option”

Double is a service robot that assists in virtual supervision. This is a perfect technology that is full-time compatible with the strains of distance.

Also, when separate new branch units are devised, staying afloat at each unit to conduct holistic supervision creates a huge load of administrative anomalies and disconnection. The Double here becomes the needed savior. So, what are the features that it renders and how is this beneficial to manufacturing.

Production Supervisor walking into the factory to know the status of Production or delegate tasks.

Quality Manager walking to the machine to get the status update on parts inspection.

Remote Technicians can view the machine from a distance to help in firsthand diagnostics.

Factory Foreman needing assistance from Production Supervisor/Manager when exceptions arise.

And More.

Corporate locations with separate operating units can easily make use of the Double robot’s technology, which makes it convenient to oversee the unit performance and operations from a near or far distance. The robot can conduct star checks, shop floor samples, site and stock visits at scheduled periods and dates.

Double robots let you lessen your travel time and frequency now that real-time monitoring and tracking is ever enabled. At units where the management isn’t physically present, this robot can facilitate a quick response system to deliver a real connected conversation which is different from a phone call. It is much more personal interaction.

Also, there is scope for modality usage. You may use a smartphone, Wi-Fi or cellular enabled tablet or an iPad, etc. to work with the robot, from almost anywhere at any time.

It’s on the whole, a great investment especially when there are expensive robotic systems used in manufacturing. This one is sure shot a cost-effective, cost- reducing device to be considered. The return on the investment (ROI) is huge that rolls out significant end results in terms of boosting efficiency, productivity, operations control, monitoring and tracking.

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