VLC to Revitalize Manufacturing with Business Central

An agile MES for versatility and accelerated implementations, built with every industry in mind.

VLC Manufacturing Execution Systems (VLC MES) is a host of advanced solutions that can remodel your manufacturing enterprise by employing breakthroughs and intelligence, driven by innovative Data Integration, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), with insightful Analytics.

Blending the technological landscape with the physical sphere of manufacturing, VLC MES is set to render cross-cutting execution and performance for contemporary manufacturing demands.

Meet complex, industry-specific requirements with integrated Product Lifecycle Management, right from the early stages of design and engineering of new products, through manufacturing processes, operator feedback, and material consumption with real-time visibility of the production process.

About VLC:

  • VLC is an independent, privately-owned technology solutions provider with 20+ years of enriched experience in IT Services and Management.
  • Our people are the best in the business, with far-reaching consulting experience, exceptional technical skills, and a healthy business perspective.
  • ERP, MES, Shop Floor Automation Systems, Warehouse Automation Systems, E-Commerce Solutions, On-Premises or Cloud deployments, Network Security and Analysis, End Point Management and Security, and total cost of ownership (TCO) considerations are our central areas of expertise.

VLC’s MES and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Configuration

Seasoned with experience, integrating with intelligence, and personalizing products.

How Business Central trigger a Manufacturing boost?

  • Boost the quality and cut down costs.
  • Enhance end-to-end Manufacturing Value.
  • Quick and time-bound service delivery.
  • Magnify Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).
  • Seamless Security and Compliance.
  • Configurable Cloud to upscale Storage and Performance.

VLC MES: Key Offerings

  • Advanced Data Integrity via elimination of manual data collection.
  • Enhanced Maintenance-Planning and Resource use.
  • Agility in scheduling with Actionable Insights.
  • Faster implementations via Automation.
  • Improved pricing with pin-point Production and Labor Efficiency.
  • Precise Manufacturing facts and Real-time knowledge.

VLC’s MES and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Configuration 

Actionable InsightsMaximum Machine-loading, Minimum Downtime
Globally mobile and officialCurrent tools and Capital investments
Data and Communication SupervisionQuality Control
Perceptibility, Reporting, and EvaluationOverall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
Instantaneous Planning and SchedulingRationalizing Production
Energy AdministrationDirection on Maintenance