VLC E-Commerce Solutions with Business Central

VLC teams up with Business Central to help businesses stimulate E-Commerce supply chain value savings and boost operational efficiency with actionable data insights.

The current upsurges in the E-Commerce sector are generating fresh possibilities for businesses that promptly spin themselves to understand and engage their customers better while also adjusting to the fast-growing changes. Companies that deploy the cloud to promote operational efficiency, lower costs, and grow brand familiarity are sure to welcome advanced data usage to conduct in-depth trend analysis and assess purchasing choices.

With VLC’s unparalleled expertise to instantly bring several tasks onto Business Central and attain precious data insights, you can effortlessly speed your digital transformation to sustain and flourish in the dynamic E-Commerce ecosystem.

VLC promotes smoother supply chains and drives digital transformation of customer experience, securing you a position to capitalize on the advances in supply chain transactions and customer purchasing priorities.

Expedite smart supply chains, e-commerce, and better customer experience synergies to attach real and measured benefits to your bottom line.

About VLC:

  • VLC is an independent, privately-owned technology solutions provider with 20+ years of enriched experience in Manufacturing and E-Commerce solutions.
  • Our people are the best in the business, with far-reaching consulting experience, exceptional technical skills, and a healthy business perspective.
  • ERP, MES, Shop Floor Automation Systems, Warehouse Automation Systems, E-commerce Solutions, On-Premises or Cloud deployments, Network Security and Analysis, End Point Management and Security, and total cost of ownership (TCO) considerations are our central areas of expertise.

VLC’s and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Configuration 

Seasoned with experience, integrating with intelligence, and personalizing product.

How can Business Central be your new E-Commerce Weapon?

  • Deliver outstanding shopper experiences across physical, internet-based stores and contact centers
  • Create a simple and secure cross-channel stage enabling your customers to buy and collect from anywhere
  • Unify each and every facet of your E-Commerce business with guaranteed accuracy and real-time control
  • Orchestrate meaningful B2C and B2B customer journeys

VLC pioneering in Dynamic Data Management

  • Drive smart supply chain initiatives
  • Defend data from harmful ransomware and other data attacks
  • Enhance data presence to develop the quality of shopping experiences
  • Intensify compliance and audit preparedness
  • Diminish overall data expenses with high-level data archiving
  • Establish business consistency with cost-effective disaster recovery

VLC collaborates with Business Central to drive multi-platform transformation for your E-Commerce business:

What’s in store for E-Commerce Players?

  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Advanced inventory management
  • Render smart supply chains
  • Rejuvenate B2C real-time

Benefits for Consumer Goods

  • Maximize brand execution and performance
  • Offer persistent operational maturity
  • Link your industry with Business Central
  • Boost innovation