Microsoft AppSource and VLC Team’s Up to Launch Smart Apps and Extensions

Fruitful Collaboration of VLC and Smart App source Renders Seamless Production Processes, Security and Overall Optimization

VLC Solutions is a worldwide provider of the best-in-class process preparation, forecasting, and rationalization services. VLC has successfully fabricated the smooth integration of our smart tools with Microsoft App Source software’s.

This brand-new amalgam helps in boosting your operational competence and put forth a unique customer experience by coalescing the scalability and capacity of VLC Solutions with smart App sources and extensions like Smart Shipping, Smart Warehouse Management, Quality Management, Manufacturing Execution, Tool Management and more.

Our Solutions are crafted in a way that proffers a seamless user experience along with real-time tracking and monitoring for a diversified domain base that includes Manufacturing, Shop-floor Automation, E-Commerce, Shipping and Supply Chain Management, Network and End-point Security, ERP, MES, Cloud and On-Premises deployments, etc. From the grand suite of our applications and extensions, we hereby portray the leading jewels of our crown, in this blog-

Smart Warehouse Management:
VLC Smart Warehouse Management App for Business Central is a complete boost to the Warehouse personnel since it empowers them to operate individually and perform all the Warehouse Activities on the go. The need to go to the workstation is also fully eliminated, hence promoting your business’s performance and competence.

Smart Shipping:
VLC Shipping Application helps businesses to arrange an industry-standard shipping solution with a dedicated team of shipping experts to increase and streamline business growth. Whether you’re a well-founded enterprise or a small business looking for easy, online shipping solutions and services, we’ve got you covered.

Manufacturing Execution System:
VLC Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Software supervises and captures the production data right from devices and operators and enables you to get real-time production metric updates and analytics in a ready-to-use, observable way. You can distinguish hindrances and transmit alarms, trigger notification alerts, or may as well simply turn off a whole machine. It also provides a detailed roadmap for Energy Surveillance, Scheduling Production Programmes, and Maintenance Control, insights on Quality Control and Process and Production Monitoring.

Quality Management:
VLC Solutions Quality Management System Application helps in considerably lowering costs, increasing quality, optimizing processes, and sustaining quality and compliance both within and across your entire manufacturing supply chain. It also assists manufacturers in the prudent management and compliance to all quality standards.

Tool Management:
VLC Tool Management Software seamlessly fuses the right planning and production processes to ensure powerful Tool Management. VLC software on Tool Management is a dynamic focus point between two spheres: Planning and streamlined Production. The central VLC TM data source is the flagship part of robust tool management. It provides data access from estimating to production personnel and urges for a fully transparent data transfer across all processing stages.

Apart from the above, VLC Solutions also provides smart, cost-effective and power-loaded software applications and solutions for Visitor Management, Barcode and Report Management, Business Central Application Management, Magento Connector for E-Commerce, PrintNode, and more. Do talk to us about your needs and we shall render the best possible service right for your business needs!