Smart Warehouse Management App

The Very First Warehouse Management App for Business Central and Power Platform

Reading Time: 6 minutes Staying resilient and relevant as a Manufacturing/Distribution business takes what seems very easy and enumerated-a robust product, dynamic quality control, an efficient supply chain, and an actively operating distribution mechanism. Well, why then do enterprises seldom make a holistic success? There’s always a discernible topple at some end or the

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Endpoint Security-Using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Reading Time: 7 minutes AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a powerful new technology to detect threats in fast-moving businesses.In fact, by applying machine learning to the complete inspection of end points, you can detect threats in real-time. What is Endpoint Security?Simply put, it is a process of defending critical data on the end devices like

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 17.1

Enhanced Email Capabilities – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 17.1

Reading Time: 8 minutes Dynamics 365 Business Central and Email have come even closer! Emails and more! Get introduced to a feature that proffers email capabilities that are reliable and easy to set up. Email remains by far the most common way that business solutions communicate with customers and other businesses. Over the years,

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Smart Shipping

5 Ways Smart Shipping can Accelerate your Business

Reading Time: 7 minutes Imagine running your shipping business. You’ll have big tasks at hand. Some of these could be rating packages from various carriers, selecting a carrier, label printing, and shipping, pickup request, tracking, etc. You wrestle against all odds to monitor and track them. You’re elated. Then, you might hit a dead-end

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Microsoft Power Apps: Canvas Vs Model-Driven Apps

Which PowerApps are Better: Model-Driven Apps over Canvas Apps

Reading Time: 7 minutes Microsoft PowerApps is a groundbreaking invention built to regularize and unify software development and ease businesses’ efforts to boot up custom-made applications swiftly. This is achieved by PowerApps through low-code development. It involves a software development approach that lets users build and develop applications by drawing and dropping elements into

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VLC App Monetization

How to use App Monetization in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – Part 1

Reading Time: 10 minutes Hello All, In this blog, I am going to discuss What is App Monetization and how could you use in your project. Monetization At this moment, Microsoft AppSource does not have an option to let customers subscribe and pay for an app that they want to use. So that leaves

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